Rodan + Fields Dermatologist

Changing Skin and Changing Lives


FACT: the condition of your skin (and ultimately how you feel as though others perceive it when they look at you) directly affects self-esteem. You want to be confident in your own skin and not have problematic skin conditions hold you back - in any way, shape, or form.

That being said, more than likely, you have either used or heard of Proactiv Solutions - America's #1 selling skincare line targeted to those individuals suffering from acne. Well, this was nearly a decade ago and times have changed! These two prestigious doctors created a new line of dermatology based skincare solutions that are clinically proven to deliver the results they promise.

Both Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields agree that not all formulations are created equal. "We know that topical medicines can create visible differences; even transform skin. We also know that nobody wants to coat themselves with “medicine” every day. With Multi-Med Therapy, we combine pharmaceutical ingredients with active cosmetics in aesthetically elegant vehicles for effective formulations that feel like luxury skin treatments."

This Multi-Med Therapy Line has four different regimens: UNBLEMISH, REDEFINE, REVERSE, and SOOTHE. These products are unlike any others on the market today. They are customizable and suited for each and every individual and his or her particular skincare needs and wants.