Every Day

By David Levithan


Every Day tells the story of A.

A wakes up every day, a different physical body, a different physical life, girl, boy it doesn’t matter. What matters is that his soul is the same. Every day, he is still the same person inside. He gets used to it. A makes rules and guidelines for every day. Don’t get to close, don’t get attached, because tomorrow brings a new life, a new person.

He has to learn fast what and who this person is so that he doesn’t change to many things that will alter their lives. Until one day he wakes up in Justin’s body, and meets his girlfriend and it all changes.

About The Author

David Levithan

David Levithan was born on September 7, 1972 in Short Hills, Millburn, New Jersey. He is an American young-adult fiction author and editor. His first book Boy Meets Boy, was published by Knopf Books for Young Readers in 2003

At Age 19, Levithan received an internship at Scholastic Corporation where he began working on the The Baby-sitters Club series.Today Levithan still works for Scholastic as an editorial director

When asked about his Inspiration In an interview with Barnes & Noble, Levithan claimed that he learned how to write books that were both funny and touching from Judith Viorst's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. He continues to work as both a writer and editor saying, "I love editing just as much, if not more than writing".

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A is 16 Years old he has no true body he falls asleep as one person and wakes up as the next. He changes locations every time he changes bodies. A is unknown, A does not remember a time when he didn’t hop from one body to the next each night at midnight. He has grown older though the years and inhabits the body of someone about his age in the same general area of his current body. He has no control over when or how he finds his way into a new body. A is careful with the lives of the people he encounters.

Rhiannon is a 16 year old Girl. She is dating Nathan who is abusive. She is the only one who knows about A. She cares a lot for A

Nathan is the Antagonist. A took his body for a day, Claims he was possessed by Satan when A took his body . He tries to hunt down A


The theme of this book shows that our body is just a shell, that holds your mind, heart, and soul these are the true characteristics that we should value


The conflict is that A loves Rhiannon but he cant have her as long as he changes bodies at midnight each day. This book is about overcoming obstacles and that is just what A has to do to be with Rhiannon.

An Interiew With David Levithan About His Childhood

Please describe your teenage self.

Bookish, happy, well adjusted. Not a large leap from my current self.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

I knew words would be involved in some way, but had to figure out which way. If you’d asked me in high school, I probably would have guessed I would have become a journalist or an editor. I wouldn’t have been surprised at being a novelist… but I definitely would have been impressed that I’d managed to finish something.

What were your high school years like?

I was at Millburn High School in Millburn, NJ, and I liked it. There was a lot of pressure to get into a good college, but at some point I came to peace with the fact that I was never going to be in the top ten in my class amusingly, so I didn’t devote my life to my homework. I did, however, devote much of my life to my friends.Oh, and I was reading all the time. I wrote authors’ names on my jeans. I was that cool.

What about a positive experience or accomplishment that had an impact on your adult self?

It was really thrilling to have my first book published. But, truth be told, the first time one of my stories was accepted to the high school literary magazine was pretty thrilling, too. All variations of the same theme. But honestly? It’s all those moments with my friends. Dancing in parks or goofing around at a multiplex or crowding into someone’s house for a deadline meeting for the newspaper – those fuel my writing more than anything academic.

Do you have any regrets about your teen years? Anything left undone or anything that might have been better left undone?

Well, were I a teen now, I would have clued into the whole gay thing much, much sooner. But the truth is that I can’t even regret that. I wasn’t closeted, just astonishingly oblivious. And in the meantime, I had a pretty good time.

What, if anything, do you miss most about that time?

The frequency with which I got to see my friends. And passing notes. I loved to pass notes.


I would recommend this book to anyone who wans a new style of books to read. This book is different from your typical love story. I would recommend this book to the age above 13 and to all genders.