Welcome to Pioneer's Open House!

By Skye Hwang 6th Grade Earth Science

Earthquake PBL

This project was about how we can make a house for Tony Stark where it can survive an earthquake. In this project we made a product which is a two story house, using our imagination with popsicle sticks, clay, string, and straws. Our driving question was: How can we, as structual engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will stand seismic activity? The main points of the project was to figure out a way to make a house using our knowledge and research to make a building stand from seismic activity.

(At the bottom there is a link for the Interview videos and shake table test video.)

30 Hands Project

I learned that Global Warming and Climate Change is caused by humans which loses animals homes and animal extinction. I also learned that if Global Warming increases it will lose everything like trees and crops (oxygen and food). I enjoyed learning about many ways we can stop Global Warming and ways we can save animals who lose their home or one the edge of extinction.

Invention Convention

The enviromental problem my invention is solving is to save polar bears from losing their and the polar bear extinction. When the turbine turns when you move with the phone which generates the generator, the phone doesn't need to be charge which will burn less fossil fuels to save polar bears home and invention. When you burn fossil fuels when you charge your phone this creates heat to melt polar bears' home, but with my invention there is no need for charging so this will reduce the use of burning fossil fuels save polar bears' home.

Unit 3: Earthquakes (Paragraph 4 Extra Credit)

I liked this unit because I got to do a group project which help me do team work. I got to learn what kind of waves there are and earthquake characteristics. I also got to learn about stress and fault lines including mountain and valley building. My favorite lab was the Tony Stark two story house product because I got to learn that a x-frame can stand seismic activity which holds the weight when the house shakes.