Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Stephanie Ibe 6/8

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday was a time when

I looked at the world alone.

No one to tell me that it's okay,

No one to pat me on the back,

No one to hold my hand.

Yesterday was a very lonely time.

Today I have friends,

People who appreciate me,

People who love me for who I am,

People like family.

Oh the joy of having people in life

Who can tell you it's okay,

Who can pat you on the back,

Who can hold your hand.

Today is a good because I have friends.

Tomorrow, my life will change.

People will love me and hate me.

I will meet new people and

Make new friends.

The fake will leave

But the true will stay.

Tomorrow will be a future full of surprises

But love and friendship

Make it worth waiting for.