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Processor speed - The 'Brain' speed of the computer

Processing power is one of the most important things in a computer because it shows how fast the computer is working. think of processing power as the brain speed of the computer because if you have a low amount of processing power then the brain will think slowly and anything you want it to do will be slower. However if the computer has a lot of processing power then it will 'think; quicker and any answers will be delivered to you quicker.

Today's computers depend on performance speed to get us through our multiple applications and programs. The essential piece of machinery that makes this happen is the processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit). The evolution of the processor has equally matched the world's technological advances and our increasing need for speed and reliability.


Cache memory is spare space for commands to wait before they get transferred to the CPU. if your computer is running several things at once then any commands that a program sends that's not vital gets put in cache memory to wait until any other important commands get processed. This type of memory is extremely fast and it is hard to get clogged up. The advantage of cache memory is that the CPU does not have to use the motherboard’s system bus for data transfer. Whenever data must be passed through the system bus, the data transfer speed slows to the motherboard’s capability. The CPU can process data much faster by avoiding the bottleneck created by the system bus.

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