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The Week Ahead for the Week of February 15- February 19




Employee of Excellence Nominations Due by 9AM

State session on new Strategies and School Plans and integration of Read to Succeed- Campbell to attend

STAR Testing 2nd-3rd Grade 8:30 in the GT Room

Chivers IEP Meeting @9:05

Chivers IEP Meeting @11:40

Brief Meeting with grades 3-5 during Specials to review information for testing (Chivers)

Staff Meeting


Terriffic Kid

Grade Level PLC

STAR Testing 2nd-3rd Grade 8:30 in the GT Room

STAR Testing 4th- 5th Grade 8:00 in the Guidance Room

MAP Testing Laptop Lab - Hyslop and Capps Math Students @ 11am

2: 45 IEP- Campbell

Juneteenth Meeting- City Hall 4:00 - Campbell


Elementary Principals' Meeting

Job Shadowing Day for RRMS 8th grade students

3:30 IEP -Campbell

STAR Testing 4th-5th Grade 8:00 in the Guidance Room


Box Tops Turn In Day

MAP Testing 1st Grade Students (Reading) @ 8:00 am in the Laptop Lab

MAP Testing 4th Grade- Jordan and Shuckhart Math Students @ 10am in the Laptop Lab

Pointe Time
OPES Spirit Day ***School shirt with jeans

Job Shadowing Day for DCMS 8th grade students

Curriculum Corner

Sharing the profession-Students Shadowing

We will have a good number of students in the building shadowing Thursday and Friday. Please limit the number of students shadowing you to a maximum of 3. We want to give them as authentic of a shadowing experience as we can. Their principals and counselors have stressed to them that this is not a "play day" and that they should take this day as an opportunity to learn about the profession. Thanks for being willing to host these students.
It's an honor that they want to learn more about what you do!!

Check out the Video below from John King about the Love of Teaching
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