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Escondido: Friends Around the World

Escondido Vision Statement

Our school empowers its students to achieve their personal-best academically, socially and emotionally in order to make a positive impact on the world.

Principal Message

April 29, 2020

Dear Escondido Families,

I hope you are doing well. The staff and I are thinking of you and the students every day. I hope that your child is finding joy in connecting with their teachers and friends through the distance learning platforms. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, our plan is to send a little love from the school to your child at the start of each week, with a weekly virtual school assembly. Throughout this week’s newsletter, I have replicated some of the “Shout outs” that were part of our assembly this week. We are happy to see students engaging with their friends, teachers, and even schoolwork. Keep encouraging them to just do their best and be ok if they have a not-so-good day here and there. We know that this is an uncertain time for many. Everyone will have different capacities for supporting their children and that is OK. We want to remind all that LEARNING IS EVERYWHERE! You can support your child in learning in so many ways! Make taking care of yourself and your loved ones a continued priority.

With the closure of schools for the rest of the school year, we are all mourning the loss of the traditional end of the year activities and events. As we are still adhering to the Stay Home order, different scenarios are being considered by school and district leadership teams to address these end of year events and activities. My hope is that by the middle of May we will have a comprehensive plan for how we will wrap up the school year. We will also likely have a plan for how to distribute personal belongings to students.

We had great participation by students last week with our annual Earth Day Recycling Fashion show. I am looking forward to celebrating their curiosity and love of science by viewing their submission to our Virtual Science Fair. The information is already available on each student’s Schoology page. Thank you to our PTA Science Fair Leaders for working overtime to get the project launched. We appreciate you!

As always, if the staff and I can help in any way, please reach out.


Marcela S. Simoes de Carvalho, Ed.D., NBCT


Escondido Staff Greeting to Students

This week the Escondido staff sent a virtual greeting out to students via their Schoology pages. The bottom line - we miss our students, we think they are amazing, and we look forward to teaching them every day!

Staff Greeting to Students April 27, 2020

Food Distribution - No Questions Asked

This “No Questions Asked” opportunity for families to receive free groceries. See the flier attached below.

School Shout Outs!

Big picture
Big picture

March Birthdays!

Adelaide, Akash, Albert, Alessia, Ammie, Andres, Anton, Aumini, Carlos, Catalina, Clara, Connor, Dante, David, Deisy, Elena, Ella L., Emma, Evan, Fabiana, Fiona, Fitch, Genesis, Genevieve, Geraldine, Gisele, Iris, Jack, Jasper, Jonathan, Kai, Leo, Lucas, Mason, Melissa, Minseok, Nicolas, Olachi, Paola, Rayden, Ryan

April Birthdays!

Tabitha E., Alexander, Samantha, Nicolas, Julia, Jackson, Tabitha B., Wilder, Cassius, Ella A., Olivia S, Seorin, James, Catalina, Mika, Sophia, Daniel, Salene, Olivia W., Christia, Hanna, Dana, Sophia, Arbe, Zoe, Viktoriia, Nieve, Jueun, Artin, Flo, Hyunjoon, Norah, Ayleen, Zlata, Ethan, Liming, Levi, Elijah, Ella S., Joonsang, Austin, James, Nora, Jailyn, Adina, Ella P., Tyler, Ella G., Gerardo, Belen, Jasmin, Sophie, Dashiell

DreamBox Math - Check it Out!

Take a look at how much students are progressing with their math skills. Each week the school will highlight classes with the most number of students using DreamBox and meeting the usage recommendations. We are looking forward to seeing more classes meet the goal over the next few weeks.

Recommended Usage for Students

We recommend that students complete 5 or more lessons per week with DreamBox Learning.

In order for students to reach their weekly lesson goals, we recommend setting up multiple sessions of DreamBox throughout the week and having students complete at least one or two lessons every time they log in. Encourage students to develop the following habits:

  • Be okay with mistakes. As long as students complete lessons, DreamBox will be able to assess their comprehension and adapt.
  • Work independently. Helping a student through a lesson can progress them beyond their current abilities and lead to frustration.
  • Only use the virtual manipulatives. DreamBox lessons are designed for students to think through problems without the use of pencil and paper.
  • Use the help/hint button when needed.
  • Use headphones with the volume on.
Big picture
Big picture

LEGO Builders Extraordinaire Weekly Showcase

Share Your Fun Moments

Escondido kids and families keep bringing a big smile to my face!

Please send me photos of your children reading, playing, exercising, and being creative during the school closure. With your permission, I will share them with our community.

Information From Previous Newsletters

Community Resources

For PAUSD families in need of emergency financial assistance, there is support available:

If you have a student in the Palo Alto Unified School District and are in need of emergency financial assistance, contact RISE at or 650.444.1236 to request a gift card to support your needs. These funds are made possible by generous donations to the Palo Alto Community Fund and the support of LifeMoves, RISE, and community members.

LEGO Builders Extraordinaire

A Weekly Showcase

Students share their LEGO building expertise and fun!

  • Up to three student entries each week in the school newsletter

  • Students should include a title and short description of their build

  • Send a picture of the build to Dr. Marcela at

  • Entries due each week on Tuesday by 12:00PM