The Weekly News

(Week of Monday 4 - Friday 8 of 2016)

By Kimberly Meza

The Book of the Week

This week's new book that made a top hit is by Neal Shusterman and it's called Unwind. This book is about 3 teenagers, Connor, Lev, and Risa, running away from their families because of a new rule created that says that teens from the ages 13-18 can be unwind; meaning that your parents signed a form that says that you're going to a camp where they take your body parts apart and "donate" them to other people that need them. So if you like science-fiction, this is your kind of book.
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The rating given to this book (based on personal opinion by me) is (5/5). The book Unwind is a book that tells the story of a great adventure with teenagers that are dealing with hard problems in their lives. It can also relate to real-life problems like abortion, and how it can lead to tragic outcomes, just like in the story of the book.
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Interviewing Connor (Question & Answer)

()How did you feel when you found the Unwind order?
- I felt very angry, but I tried to keep my anger and just hide it for myself. I wanted to show my parents what they would be missing, by acting all kind and nice for the last few days I had.

()If you could tell your parents something, what would you say to them?

- I would probably just ask them how it has been without me, and how they feel about everything that has just happen, since many things have appear on the news about me.()If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?

- If anything, I would like to go back and make sure that unwinding was never created or at least show people that it's bad to "give" their child so their body parts can be donated without their consent.

About the Author

Neal Shusterman is an award-winning author. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York where he began to write at an early age. He went to UCI (University of California, Irvine) where he had his first book deal and made his mark as a successful novelist, screenwriter, and television writer. As a speaker, Neal is in constant demand at schools and conferences. His topics appeal to adults as well as teens. He lives in Southern California with his four children, who are a constant source of inspiration.
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More Books Alike?

If you liked this book, make sure to also check out: Unwind (trilogy) by Neal Shusterman, Everlost (trilogy) by Neal Shusterman, and The Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham.


"Just as the airplane graveyard was Heaven disguised as Hell, harvest camp is Hell masquerading Heaven."

-Neal Shusterman, Unwind.

"I'd rather be partly great than entirely useless."

-Neal Shusterman, Unwind


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