What Goes Around Comes Around

A project by Stephanie and Gabrielle


Karma, sometimes it's better to give up than make a fool of yourself, you get what you give, the Golden Rule, and you reap what you sow.


One of the most common misconceptions about karma is immediate. When people do good deeds they expect to be showered in praise and good karma immediately. In truth, karma takes a while.

Laws and Rules

Hammurabi's Code is a collection of 282 laws that states that whatever crime you shall commit, an equal punishment shall be dealt. For instance, if you murdered someone's child your child would then be murdered.


"As You Sow, So You Will Reap" by Aesop- When the King of the Jungle fell ill every animal except the fox came to visit him. Being an enemy of the fox, the wolf told the King that the fox was nowhere to be seen. Enraged, the King had the fox brought to him to ask him why the fox hadn't visited him. The fox told the king that he was not unaware of the King's illness, he was searching for a doctor to heal him. The fox then explained that he had found that doctor and the doctor told him that only a wolf's pelt would cure the King's illness. The King then killed the wolf that had ratted out the fox and wore his pelt. The moral of the story is you reap what you sow because the wolf had died since he ratted out the fox.

Top 5 List

5) Not studying for a test and then getting a bad grade on that test

4) Stealing a candy bar and then being hit by a car while running away

3) Lying to someone then someone ditching you at the movie theater

2) You save someone from the rain then you win the lottery

1) You attempt to murder someone then they actually murder you