Americans Survive and Thrive

The Age of Franchising Begins

In 1955, during the Cold War, the United States started to see the new technique of franchising rise in popularity. The cheap food and easily accessible drive-in locations were a big pull for most of the nation. When the McDonald brothers developed a revolutionary production line-style restaurant, Ray Kroc saw an opportunity. He bought the McDonald's drive-in for $2.7 million, and it turned into an international franchise by 1967. The new found ease with which we could have hot food at low prices has shaped America, for better or worse. While very few in America starve, many have developed overeating disorders.

Minorities in Poverty

Racism was still a problem all over America during the 50's. Many minorities, including the elderly, single women and their children, African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans had to live below the poverty line. This was due in large part to the prejudice employers had against them, often refusing to hire them.