(02/09) Daily Writing Agenda

February 9, 2016

Activity #1: Paragraph of the Week, Day 2

You will complete PotW, Day 2 on Formative. I will later upload this to your Seesaw Learning Journal.

You will build upon your work from yesterday by narrowing down your details from six to three. Then, you will explain each detail in a complete sentence.

Click Here to Complete PotW, Day 2

Remember, your username and password are the same as your Katy ISD login.

Activity #2: Independent Writing Time

You will respond to the following prompt in Seesaw and save it to your "Writing" Folder:


Write about a time when you were given a responsibility that you couldn't handle in 1st person. This can be a real or imaginary experience, but you are the main character.

If you finish, you may continue to write. These off-topic posts will be saved to your "My Folder."