By: Justin Dodson Dream Vacation

Alaska facts

My dream vacation is Alaska.

My destination is off the coast of Bethal.

I want go here because its always been a dream location because of the activities you can do.

I really want to go here for the fishing and hunting you can do.

1:It is right by the Bering sea

2:It is the largest state in America

3:There is over 3 million lakes

4:850 square miles of alaska is glacers

5:6,640 miles of coast line

6: 33,904 miles is shore line

7:Of the 20 highest peaks in america 17 are in Alaska

8: the largest lake is over 1,000 miles

9:there is 7 active volcanoes

10: there is usually about 5,000 earth quakes


It would take 70 hours to get to Alaska from Willis.

It is 4,137 miles away.

I am going to take Kera with me.

I am either going to drive there or fly there.

I am going to stay there for two weeks.


I am going to stay in hotel captian coock.

It is in anchorage right by the water.

I will need to pack clothes that will last for two weeks and a tooth brush tooth paste and anything else that I use every day.


The trip will cost 2,052 in all.

The hotel cost 331 every night.

I have 500 in spending money.

I will eat at what ever restorants they have around.

I will be driving to Alaska.


While I am there I will go hunting and fishing.

At my location you can go fishing and swimming and lots more.

I will get to hunt animals that you would normally never see.

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