The Tiger Times

September 27, 2020

It's the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday and I am settling in to review some of our students' thinking with the daily read alouds. WOW! I love that our school community shares a book each day and I am humbled by what your children have shared with me. Their interests, empathy, outlook on friendship, inclusivity, and yes . . . their humor.

Did you know that your children understand the concept of personification? They Do :-)

Do you know that your children are capable of comparing themselves to both animate and inanimate objects and things? They are :-)

Do you know that despite everything surrounding us in this world, they haven't lost their spirit? They haven't :-)

After responding to almost 2,000 responses, I more confident than ever in who they are.

There are only 4 days of school this week. We also have Back to School Night on Tuesday AND Pickup of Materials for Remote students on Wednesday.

Be well.

Back to School Night

On Tuesday, September 29th, Edison Elementary School will host its annual Back to School Night. It will look much different than in year's past. Our evening will be held via Zoom.

The General Schedule is as follows:

6:30 PM: Preschool, Literacy Intervention, Resource Room, and Physical Education/Health

7:00 PM: Classroom Teachers in grades K-5 will hold their first session

7:30 PM: Classroom Teachers in grades K-5 will hold their second session

We have multiple sessions so that families can attend more classrooms in case they have multiple children in our school.

Zoom links are below and organized by session.

Back to School Night 6:30pm Session Links

Reading Intervention with Mrs. Tallman: (Passcode: Read)

Preschool with Mrs. Roscoe: (passcode: 3zqSMG)

Art with Mrs. Magro: (passcode: art)

Health/PE with Mrs. Sayles: (passcode: HawksPE)

Resource Room with Mrs. Mead: (passcode: jD0zKe)

Nurse DiMedio: (passcode: Schuler53!)

Back to School Night 7:00pm Session Links

Kindergarten with Ms. DeNarie: (passcode: kinder)

1st Grade with Mrs. Price: (passcode: p8pRdS)

2nd Grade with Mrs. Galasso: (passcode: U4YA1X)

3rd Grade with Mrs. Lundgren: (passcode: ThirdGrade)

4th Grade with Mr. Ehret: (passcode: Edison4)

5th Grade with Mrs. DeRisi: (passcode: 310429)

Back to School Night 7:30pm Session Links

Kindergarten with Ms. DeNarie: (passcode: kinder)

1st Grade with Mrs. Price: (passcode: p8pRdS)

2nd Grade with Mrs. Galasso: (passcode: U4YA1X)

3rd Grade with Mrs. Lundgren: (passcode: ThirdGrade)

4th Grade with Mr. Ehret: (passcode: Edison4)

5th Grade with Mrs. DeRisi: (passcode: 310429)

Upcoming Week. WEEK 2 in the Specials Schedule Rotation

Monday, September 27 - Off

Tuesday, September 28 - Students in Cohort T will attend school in-person (all others remote)

Wednesday, September 29 - All students log in remotely from home

Thursday, September 30 - Students in Cohort H will attend school in-person (all others remote)

Friday, October 1 - All students log in remotely from home

Read-Alouds for this Week

Tuesday: Charlotte the Scientist is Squished

Wednesday: The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

Thursday: Chicken in Space

Friday: A Perfectly Messed Up Story

PTA Corner

Hi Edison Family and Friends, this week's PTA update contains some save-the-date notices and a couple requests for assistance/information. We appreciate your time!

Mum Sale Orders Arriving this Week: Orders will be available for pickup this Friday, October 2, at Edison. The sale was incredibly successful and thank you for your support! It was so successful that we will need lots of help to unload and sort the mums. If you are available in the late morning - early afternoon on October 2 to help with this work, please contact Paul Tomlin at

Zone Scholarship/Football Concessions: Each year, the proceeds from the football concession stands benefit the Zone PTA scholarship fund. As a member of the Zone PTA, the Edison PTA has been asked to provide a volunteer for each of the football games on October 24 and October 31. The resulting scholarship funds become available as awards to members of the HTHS graduating class - last year the Zone PTA awarded $9,000 in scholarships! Please let Cathlin know if you are available to represent Edison at either the October 24 or October 31 games.

Art Reflections: Each year, Edison is a great representative of the various artistic talents in HT. We are looking for a volunteer to help continue this tradition by volunteering to head up Arts Reflections for Edison. Please contact Danielle Clauss and/or Kelly Nowak if you would be interested in filling this role!

Call for Questions: What did you want to know when you joined the Edison community? The PTA will be working on an informal "Edison Handbook" to address questions that incoming families might have about the school and community. Please contact with the things that would have been helpful to know as a new Edison family!

Spiritwear: Spiritwear orders are being processed, and we expect that orders will be available for pickup/delivery in mid-October. Stay tuned for more details!

Storybook Pumpkins: Can you decorate a pumpkin based on a favorite book? It can be a character, setting, or creature. The pumpkin can be carved, painted, or decorated any way you'd like. Start thinking about your Storybook Pumpkin and keep an eye out for more details!

The next PTA meeting is October 19 at 7 pm. Please join us! And as always, please contact Cathlin Sullivan with any questions:

Health and Safety

Thank you to all the parents/guardians that have been diligent in completing the daily health screenings and/or keeping great communication with our school. Communication is key for assisting in the health and safety of our school community. Please always reach out to the main office or school nurse with any questions or concerns.

Haddon Twp. School District is following all the recommended guidelines to keep our students, staff and community as healthy and safe as possible.

*Please remember that part of our guidelines is to follow the CDC travel advisory. If you are traveling and going to one of the states on the CDC quarantine list, we hope that you will be transparent with the school and quarantine for 14 days after return.

An up to date reliable source is the NJ Covid-19 information Hub:

If you need to quarantine, your child, or children will be able to participate in remote learning until their quarantine is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these protocols, please contact the school nurse.

Thank you for all your cooperation during these trying times,

Mrs. Beth DiMedio RN School Nurse


District Support

Our growing reliance on technology during these times requires us to have access to support. is the go-to source for assistance with district technology.