Round Up of October's Style Squad Rockstars!!

Welcome, Newbies!

Let's start off with a warm welcome to all Stylists who joined the Style Squad in October!

Dallas Costello, Jacqueline Mason, Jessalyn Taylor, Mona El-behairy, Renee Ryckman, Felicia Skakoon, Kayla Philpott, Natalie Parker, Meghan Darwin and Nicole Barnes!

Top in Sales!

Fabulous job by the top sellers of the month!

Rebecca O'Connor $6,645.73

Sara Pritchard $5,034.05

Sarah Drimmie $3,128.00

Andrea Campbell $2,399.40

Katie Pezoulas $2,348.05

Stephanie Summers $2,132.00

Renee Ryckman $2,046.50

Jen Cureton $1,884.40

Silvia D'Annunzio $1,630.00

Stephanie Shepherd $1,551.21


These Stylists welcomed newbies to their team and got them off to a great start!

Rebecca O'Connor 2

Sonya Sedgwick 1

Diana D'Amato 1

Dallas Costello 1

5% Bonus Earners!

Congrats to these ladies who earned 30% commission instead of 25% by selling 1500 PCV ($2,308)!

Rebecca O'Connor, Sara Pritchard, Sarah Drimmie, Andrea Campbell and Katie Pezoulas!

Look Who Promoted!

Dallas Costello is a Lead Stylist!! Woo hoo!! Dallas sponsored her first Stylist, her good friend Kayla Philpott, right out of the gate and these two buddies are going to take Newfoundland by storm! This business truly is better with a friend! Congrats!!

Congrats to all of you on a rockin' October! November has started off with a BANG and I can't wait to see how it wraps up!!

Stay tuned for my next email with some info on upcoming events and a fun challenge to end the year STRONG!! XO