Never ever put your safety on-line

Tips on how to be safe online

5 Tips on how YOU can protect yourself from cyber bullying

1. Stop

Stop what you are doing if you encounter anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, fearful or hurt.

2. Block

Cut off all lines of communication with the cyber bullies is one of the best ways to deal with them. The less contact the bullies have with you, the fewer opportunities they have to harm you as they won't know when their victims are online.

Most communication tools and social media platforms offer users a feature that can be used to block specific people from their contact lists.

3. Save

Do not delete the offensive email, instant messages or text messages as they can come in handy in future.

Save all evidence, preferably in both hard and soft copies because they can be used to bring the bullies to justice should there be a need to report them to the authorities.

Doing so will also help the victims gain confidence and control over the situation.

4. Tell

You should not have to suffer alone. It is important that you know you can confide in a trusted adult, be it a parent or teacher.

You need to speak up and express their feelings instead of bottling it up so that you can be helped and supported.

5. Report

If the tips above fail to stop the cyber bullying, you need to report the bullies to the appropriate authorities, including parents and teachers.

3 'Nevers'

Never give out your password to anyone.

Never ever meet in person with someone you met online.

Never give out personal information. You would never keys to your home to a stranger, would you? So never give out your home address, phone number, name of your school, pictures, or the names of your parents.

Using a gender neutral username in chat rooms

This is so you are less likely to receive pornographic material or other forms of harassment.

Internet privacy? Not anymore.

The Internet is not very private anymore. The world gets smaller as social media continue to grow. To see for yourself, try looking yourself up on Google. (Google search your name).

What you find is what everyone finds.


Safer Internet Day 2015 was on the 10 February 2015. Although it has long passed, we must make sure we are all safe online. Safer Internet Day 2016 is on the 9 of February 2016, let us all pledge to be safe on the internet and remember, never put your safety on-line.