Week 2's News

Term 3

It's Sunday night and I'm staring at the computer screen daunted by the task of trying to 'whip up' something inspiration, yet witty and worth reading! After Chris- look there is just no living up to the wit and after Maree, I definitely can't compete with the muscle bound 'inspiration' she provided, so here's the low down for this week, short and sweet!

Staff meeting this week

Marita Richardson from the CEO will be our guest to 'define high performance' which essentially is all about what high performing team work looks like. Below I've added a light hearted clip that illustrates the power of union, worth the 1 minute 20 seconds for a bit of a giggle!

The Power of Union is Strength - Crabs VS Ants VS Penguins Advertisement

Things to remember this week

  • 2/3 excursion to CERES farm on Monday
  • Eucharist parent workshop Tuesday night
  • Marita Richardson will be here Wednesday night for staff meeting looking at 'defining high performance'
  • SOUP group Wednesday- we've all heard great things about Michael's famous lentil soup!!!
  • And in case you don't hear it this week like you should every day - 'Thank you! You are doing an awesome job and we're very lucky to have you as part of our community."

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