Decadent Doughnuts

Ariana Pearson, Christy Smith, Shelby Langford

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Decadent Doughnuts sells quality and always homemade breakfast foods all day to reach consumer wants and expectations. Decadent Dougnut's mission is to satisfy every consumer and create unique breakfast foods. We are a partnership. Our competitors are Dunkin' Donuts and Al's Donuts. We will advertise our product in the newspaper, billboards and on the radio. The owners manage the business and have an extra partner. The advantages are easy to start, few regulations and full control. The disadvantages are lack of control and more legal requirements. Our monthly revenue is expected to be about $20,000 with about $15,500 profit due to labor and capital expenses. Workers will receive minimum wage and a possible raise due to raised performance.

Some of our products include doughnuts, coffee, hot chocolate, and cupcakes.

Always Fresh!

Open 24 hours Monday-Friday

Located in Metropolis in Plainfield, Indiana