Korea VS. Vietnam

By: Joseph Garcia & Jack Morrow

So who had better fight Korea or Vietnam?

Overveiw: Veitnam War

The northern part of Vietnam wanted to have communism but the south strongly disagreed with it. so they had a war. the north received help from the soviet union and china. the south only received help from the us so they lost.

Overview: Korean War

Much like the Vietnam war the Korean war was fought for communist the south wanted a republic and the north wanted communism. Both sides had help from different countries. But south Korea just fought a war making them low on military


Korean War

Sunday, June 25th 1950 at 12am to Monday, July 27th 1953 at 12am


this is when the Korean war took place

Vietnam War

Tuesday, Jan. 1st 1957 at 12am to Monday, Jan. 1st 1979 at 12am


This is when the Vietnam took place

Who fought in the wars?

Vietnam War:

  • America
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Soviets

Korea War:

  • America
  • North Korea
  • South Korea
  • Soviets

Who was in charge?

Vietnam War:

  • Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh
  • Soviets: Nikita Khruscchev
  • China: Mao Zedong
  • America: Truman
Korea War:

  • South Korea: Syngnam Rhee
  • North Korea: Kim Ill Sung
  • America: Truman



What were they fighting for?

They were both fighting about communism.

Were where they fighting?

Both wars took place in Asia.

Who was Fighting for what?

In both wars the north was fighting for communism.