The Most Deadly of the Jellies

The Australian Box Jellyfish


“that the eye is so complex that its evolution be natural selection seems “absurd”” (Twenty-four).
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Anatomy (Chironex Fleckeri)

“They have a different life cycle, a distinctive shape, a flap around the inside rim of the bell to aid in propulsion, tentacles only at the rim corners, and four rhopalia, one on each side, as against eight or more in Scyphozoan jellyfish” (Twenty-four).
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BOX Jellyfish - The Most Dangerous Sea Creature

Eyes (Anatomy)

“In most jellyfish the light sensors are rudimentary, but in Cubozoan they consist of two simple pigmented pits, two slit eyes, and two vertically aligned spherical camera eyes, the smaller one pointing up, the larger one pointing down. Three types of sensors, twenty-four eyes in total” (Twenty-four).
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“a random brush can lead to death within minutes” (Eliot).
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Deaths (Encounters)

“Two years ago a seven-year-old named Jareed Crook was swimming at Mission Beach in Queensland, Australia. Suddenly he screamed. His grandfather pulled him from the water, but the withering boy soon collapsed” (Eliot).
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By: Amy Hanson

Edited By: Camila