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Baptistry Heaters: The Most Effective Products in the marketplace

Invented more than 100 years ago, baptistry heaters have a long history. Filled with copper coils that transfer heat from elements to the water, the gas water heaters have now evolved to function on electricity instead of propane or gas. Baptistry and church heaters aren't exactly the same - baptistry heaters only heat the water for baptisms, but church heaters heat the floor of the whole church.

Why pick a baptistry heater?

We'll look at some of the most effective baptistry models available, but first of all let's see what you need to be looking for. You'll need to have a heater that's:

Energy efficient. If the whole church needs to be heated then the energy bills are going to be sky high. Make life easier by opting for a heater that's economical and helps to conserve energy.

To save cash down the road you'll need to purchase a heater that will stand the test of time.

Safety is of great importance as the danger of electrocution is quite real. Investigate to know about the heater guru.

It's crucial that you check out the rules and regulations of the state that your church is in, as various places have different standards with regards to what type of electricity equipment can be used.

Also bear in mind that larger heaters won't look as attractive when installed in the church.

Which are the best baptistry heaters in the market?

There is a wide range of heaters to pick from, but it is smart for churches to look for a model that is energy efficient and will last a very long time.

Hydro-Quip BES 6000 series

This type of baptistry heater comes in two sizes: 5.4kw and 11kw. If you have a sizable pool you should get the 11kw heaters. Both models have electricity motors and GCFI protection so as to remove the threat of electrocution. So long as you hire a professional to set up your heater, it will work nicely for a long time. Extra features include a 7-day timer that can turn the heater on and off automatically, thermostat, auto fill and remote control. Although the heaters include a manual it is usually best to employ an electrician to help with the installation.

PBES 6010

This theheaterguru is portable and even though it is smaller than both Hydro-Quip models it can heat large pools. It comes with a submersible pump, a thermostat, a pressure switch, GFCI and a 15 ft suction and return hose. As this is a moveable unit it is strongly recommended for churches that hold baptisms in more than one location. If you want to get more about the The Heater Guru, see this online free content

Can I find any other good models?

These two models are as good as it gets. They last for a long time, are straightforward to use and have no risk of electrocution. Also, because they're efficient your costs will be kept down.

Should you select an immersion heater or a circulation baptistry heater?

Immersion heaters are immersed within the water and the water around it gets heated. A downside to this type of heater is that the cable runs on the floor next to the baptistry, and could make trouble with trips and falls. There's also the additional threat of electrocution.

With it attached to the pool or to the side, a circulation baptistry heater is much simpler to run and look after.