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WelcometothesecondnewsletterandimagineifIwrotethiswholenewsletterlikethis. Gladly I won't. OrmaybeIwill. We'llsee. We at the Quality team thank you very much for the awesome feedback on our last newsletter and we hope you'll like this one even more!

Message from the LCP

Dear LC, AIESECers from all over Austria and EPs,

We are in the middle of Summer Peak which is clearly the most intense time of the year. Marketing is promoting our volunteering programs all over WU, PR all over the different FHs in Vienna. At this point I want to say: Good Job guys! And a huge round of appreciation from my side to everyone who is supporting them! Keep up the crazy ideas and good work :)

But also OGX is doing a great job matching the people that Marketing is recruiting. WU won first place of last week's Austrian weekly challenge which means from whole AIESEC in Austria we had most matches of the country.
Last round of appreciation goes to iGIP who also won the Austrian weekly challenge with 2 matches and one realization in the past week. It really makes me proud to be part of the LC that is showing an outstanding performance during this very exciting but also stressfull time. Congratulations and keep it up!

Still I haven't managed to meet most of you new members of AIESEC Vienna WU, as you know I have been on an international conference and then post-conference-being-sick really kicked in which means that again I wasn't able to be as present as I wished to. But this will change from now on! I set myself the challenge of getting to know each and every single person during the next two weeks. I want to learn all your names and get to know you, so don't hesitate to approach me in the office or at the Local Committee Meetings.

I am very excited for the upcoming weeks and I hope a lot of you sign up for the national conference NatCo so we can grow together even closer as an LC and I can invest more time in qualitative conversations with you guys!


Functional Area updates whoop whoop

Everyone has been hard at work and we would like to give everyone a quick overview on what's going down in the LC!


1 Realization- Danijal is in Vienna :) For now we have raised 15 meetings and matched with 3 EPs- Rohit, James and Aymed (James is coming in June already).


The iGCDP project team is now working on preparing everything for the first edition of the "Global Education Project" as well as possible. That means: having meetings with the schools, visiting the host families, preparing the trainings and working closely together with PR, the Quality Team and the EPs themselves.


Career Days is coming closer to it's final stage. The Pre-Event concept has been fixed and the Design of all the promotion material, as well as the website is close to be finished and looking great! #thankyouokan! In the last two weeks we have been raising sponsoring partners and a few more are still in progress! Find out more at the LCM on Wednesday!


In the first 2 weeks of April we matched 8 EPs, however matching is not really happening right now due to some problems on EXPA. But we still have EPs who are applying for internships. Currently OGX is busy meeting the applicants and finding suitable internships for them.


F&L is planning the budget for next year; supporting the VISA process of all the EPs that iGIP matched; and makes sure that you have enough drinks for the parties ;)


TAM is currently very busy organizing trainings, team buildings, social events for the LC and our newest intern Danijal, while also keeping an overview over the performance of each area and team. So they are the ones working in the background to provide you all with a good experience :)


Marketing's focus is now Career Days Promotion: we have two weeks to finish planning and creating content for online promotion that Anna with her team already started. Also we have still OGX-Promotion going on. In the next weeks Marketing will start with planning Global Talent promotion. Besides, Marlene chaired her first Info evening where two people applied immediately.


PR is working on several projects. Vienna Integrations Week, a Newsletter for iGIP and new ideas for promotion at FHs which will be implemented at the upcoming info-stand at Webster and Lauder University. Members of the PR area have written around 5 articles in the past 3 weeks 3 of them published so far.

Meet Danijal Daca, our newest EP!

Who is this guy?

Q:Where are you from and what is your favorite thing to do in your hometown?

A:I’m from Skopje, Macedonia.Its really hard to think about something that doesn't include alcohol so ill skip it.

Q:What is your favourite TV series at the moment?

A:I’m watching 12 monkeys now, and thanks for reminding me there is a new episode now!

Q:What is your intern position and what does it involve?

A:I'm a programmer in mediamid and my duties will be to work on their website and maintain it.

What do you think of Vienna so far?

Hmmm I'm def staying here for some time. So many different cultures, so clean, people are so hospitable... it's awesomeeee!!

If you want to find out more about Danijal approach him at the parties and fire away!

Events coming up


April 29th: LCM and Afterpartaayyy (


April 11th after the LCM: Beer pong! Stay posted as information will be out soon!

Here's a random link for those who want to read up on beer pong strategies: huehuebrbr

We got dem trainings up in here

Since you are part of this secret society we call AIESEC you have access to trainings, courtesy of our Grandmaster. You are also usually the first to find out because the announcements come straight from the source!

Ok i have no idea what that was but here are the upcoming trainings, brought to you by TAM:

IT basics for dummies: Matching training mainly for iGIP people, May 1st, time and place: tba

Presentation Training: how to behave with clients and at meetings, May 9th, TC3.07, time: tba

hail hydra

Outstanding performance

The Performance management team would like to congratulate Marketing team for always being on the barricades, doing those lecture presentations and getting those sweet, sweet applications.

In this newsletter we would like to congratulate and thank the Marketing area for their effort and passion they showed in the past weeks. Both teams were super busy with OGX promotion and did an amazing job there. Marketing members covered 45 Lecture Presentations and around 50hrs of Info stands. Furthermore they synergized a lot with other teams and areas. A big shoutout goes to Marlene, who chaired her first info evening and got two applications right on spot. Thank you for your outstanding performance, you did an amazing job!

Kiwi taking on Vienna

For those of you that don’t know, New Zealand is a tiny country at the bottom of the world made up of two main islands – the North and South Island (how original right?). Although I love my country with all my heart, New Zealand is extremely isolated! We are close to Australia and that’s pretty much it. So when I got the opportunity to apply to go on an exchange semester I took the opportunity with both hands. Following a 30 hour flight I finally arrived in Vienna! This city has literally exceeded all of my expectations – from the amazing modern campus at WU, the incredible nightlife, the beautiful opera house and of course the palaces! Everyone I have met on my trip has been so willing to go out of there way to help whether to give directions or ask if you need help! It is fair to say that I will be in tears the day I have to leave!

-Ruby Arabella Wallen

New Zealand for dummies

Words of the week, for those who want to look edjukated in public and on da streetz

Stuff you won't find in the dictionary

Cheers big ears: An Australianism associated with drinking: when you're about to take a drink say "Cheers big years"


A: Cheers big ears!

B: Same goes big nose!

Stuff you probably will

Baffling: It's too easy to just drop a "WTF" (or some variation) on some activity or news that perplexes you. Why not be baffled?


What just happened? I'm completely baffled!

Perspirations of the past

Pub quiz nite
90s party


Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you in two weeks!

-The Quality team

LC Vienna WU

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