Cougar News

Oct. 21-Oct. 25

Learning... Oakwood Style!

Fall Fest

Thursday, Oct. 24th, 5-7pm

106 Holik Street

College Station, TX

Cougar News

It is going to be an exciting week at Oakwood! On Thur. please join us for Fall Fest from 5:00-7:00. There will be games, food, Book Fair, and a silent auction.

Cougar Science

It is going to be a busy week in science! We have a test over our Chemistry unit on Friday! I hope your student has mentioned some of the labs we did last week. If they did not mention any of our labs last week, ask your student what we did in class on Monday!

I also want to say thank you for all of the support for our CO2 Cars. Many have donated extra money to insure that all students will have a car. If you haven't sent your money yet, please do so promptly. I will be asking for parent volunteers soon to help with the construction of the cars and race day. Students (and teachers) are very excited!

Here is the agenda for this week:

Monday 10/21

  • Chemistry in a Bag Lab

  • Give out Written Test Review

Tuesday 10/22

  • Test Review in Computer Lab

Wednesday 10/23

  • Test Review in Computer Lab

Thursday 10/24

  • Vocabulary Sort Party and Review

Friday 10/25

  • Chemistry Test

    Here are all the materials your can use to study for the test.

Cougar E.L.A.

We have a vocabulary test on Thursday. Please make sure you study. The words are on Quizlet.

Cougar Math


Monday- Review for Test

Tuesday- Test (Projects are DUE)

Wednesday- Prime and Composite Numbers

Thursday- Reteach and Retest

Friday- Divisibility Rules


Monday- Multiplying Decimals

Tuesday- Dividing Decimals with Models

Wednesday- Dividing Decimals

Thursday- All 4 operations with Decimals

Friday- All 4 operations with Decimals

Cougar Social Studies

We will continue working on economics this week. The students have the following assignments this week:

Wednesday 10-23: Economics ISN Check due (Edmodo)

Friday 10-25: Industries ISN Check due (Edmodo)

Friday 10-25: Economics Exam

Red Ribbon Week Is Next Week

Monday, Oct. 28th, 8am to Friday, Nov. 1st, 4pm

106 Holik Street

College Station, TX

Dress up Days For Red Ribbon Week:

10/28: Monday – Stay in the Game; Be Drug Free! Everyone wears warm ups or athletic wear to represent choosing a drug-free lifestyle.

10/29: Tuesday- Double up against drugs! Twin Day

10/30: Wednesday- Catch the wave of a drug free life- Hawaiian theme

10/31: Thursday - Scare Off Drugs. Wear orange/ black to “scare” off drugs with your Halloween spirit.

11/1: Friday- Burn Out Drugs! Neon Out.