The Element Neon

Learn more about Neon!

By: Kelsey Richter


  • The element neon was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers
  • Neon was discovered through the works done on liquid air
  • Discovered around the same time and by the same person as Krypton

The Basics

  • Name : Neon
  • Symbol : Ne
  • Atomic Number : 10
  • Atomic weight : 20.1797
  • Color : colorless
  • Period in periodic table : 2
  • Classification : Non-Metallic
  • Group: Noble Gases


  • Used in the bright advertising signs
  • Has no biological use
  • When used with helium they can make Helium- neon lasers
  • Used in wave meter tubes
  • TV tubes
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Neon is colorless and is a gas at room temperature and its also very inert


  • Density: 1444
  • Volume: 13.23 cm cubed
  • Can conduct thermal energy

Interesting Facts

  • Comes from the Greek word "neon" meaning new
  • Has over 40x more refrigerating capacity than liquid helium and more than 3x that of liquid hydrogen

Geography and Biological

  • Appears in the atmosphere 1 part is 65,000
  • Has no biological use in the human body
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