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Estacada Middle School Offers 3 Learning Models to Serve Our Families and Students:

All Students must log into Canvas for Life class by 8:50am each day to participate virtually.

Track D: Students attend in-person M-Th. In-person begins at 10:10 and ends at 3:35.

Track A/B (Hybrid): Students attend in-person two days each week and virtually two days.

Track C: Students are attending virtually.

*Check PowerSchool for your Student's Track Assignment*

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Bell Schedule Adjustments: See Below

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Safety at EMS

Safety is a priority at Estacada Middle School. To limit the transmission of COVID19 in our school we are implementing a handful of practices which influence our daily actions:

--Cohorting: Your student is a part of a cohort for easy-to-contact/quarantine in the event of a positive case of Covid.

--Hand-sanitizing: Prior to entering each classroom space, your student is expected to sanitize their hands

--Mask-wearing: Masks are required at Estacada Middle School

--Hallway configuration: Hallways are one-direction only

--Lunchtime: Students must be physically distanced by 6' when eating. We will be opening the stadium for outdoor eating and to maximize space within the cafeteria.

Social Media Concerns and Awareness

As we navigate the challenges of raising and educating children during the technology era, it is important that we remain informed on the content and issues that our students are encountering and engaging with in the digital world. One such recent topic is an unsubstantiated rumor of a “National Rape Day” on April 24th. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This “National Rape Day” event is a fabricated rumor that has no basis in fact. Rumors about this day being legitimate were spread quickly through platforms that many of our students are exposed to, primarily the app TikTok. This hoax has spread nationwide, and is not believed to be any credible threat to students or the public.

  • Despite being untrue, these rumors can be scary, confusing, and triggering for students.

  • Our recommendations include monitoring your child’s social media and internet usage, and engaging in age appropriate conversations to help them process complex topics they may encounter online.


Basketball and Wrestling: Athletics Update!

We are excited to announce Boys and Girls Basketball for grades 7 & 8 will be begin this year!

Sign up here online on family ID (click link).

Remember all student-athletes have to have both 1) an active physical, and 2) signed athletic contract on file in the EMS office before they can practice or compete.

All student-athletes and families will be expected to follow all school district policies during practices, competitions, on campus and traveling to and from competitions. This includes wearing face coverings at all times and all other RSSL guidelines for athletics. All paperwork needs to be on file and uploaded to family ID by Friday May 7th. Our first practices will be Monday May 10th.

Upcoming Assessments at EMS (Statewide Assessments)

Click Here to Learn Which are the Required Assessments and Which are the "Opt-in" Assessments.

Statewide Assesments

--Students are required to be measured at school by:
  • 6th: English Language Arts
  • 7th: Mathematics and English Language Arts
  • 8th: Science and Mathematics

--If you want your students to opt into the optional assessment (this is on an "opt in" individual basis), your student can be measured by any assessment. Please contact our office if you want your student to opt into the following:

  • 6th: Mathematics, opt-in
  • 8th: English Language Arts, opt-in

--If your student is in "Track C" your student will not be measured by the Statewide Assessment this year.

Opt Out Form

Complete this form and sent it to EMS if you'd like your student to be excused from the statewide assessment.

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Estacada Middle School

Our mission is to equip each student with the skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.

Go Tigers!