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Week of March 14, 2016

Civility - Just Do Right

Civility. What does that mean? Practicing good manners relates to a student’s personal behavior. Saying “please’ and “thank you,” letting others go first and sharing when necessary are all examples of proper actions at the personal level.

Civility comes to life when we think beyond the personal and push outward to others. A few examples:

  • Expecting students to show respect for others in the classroom and beyond.
  • Being willing to listen to others as they share their views.
  • Being considerate and practicing restraint when criticizing the beliefs and choices of other people.

Many people think civility applies only to behavior, but the word itself points to a larger meaning. Looking beyond your classroom, civility is important to teach as it speaks to the idea that we all belong to something larger than ourselves.

Instead of merely focusing on the idea of a child controlling their behavior to please their teachers, instead help the students see themselves as part of a greater good.

As parents, caregivers and adults, we have to model being civil to each other. Show kindness, respect, and caring in our day-to-day interactions with all individuals. Lately, we have a lot of "negativity" being shown to us not only within the media, but in presidential debates and elections. It's not a good role model for our kids, not something that we want our children to become! Let's do what's right! Take a peek below at what the late and great Maya Angelou states about "Just Do Right!" Let's do this because, our kids deserve it!

Dr. Maya Angelou - Just Do Right

Two East Side Students Place in the Greater 1,000 Islands Writing Contest

Two of our own East Siders, Jenicka Richards, 5th grade in Mrs. Woods class, and Sarina Johnson, 2nd grade, Ms. Williams class, placed in the Greater 1,000 Islands Writing Contest. Jenicka was a 1st place winner and will receive a special ribbon, a gift certificate and two free books and has been invited to read her essay at the April 19th reception. Sarina was a 2nd place winner and will receive a special ribbon, select a free book, and will be invited to the April 19th reception as well. The essay theme was titled, "If I Were President..." Both Mrs. Woods and Ms. Williams worked with their classrooms, and then they selected the top THREE essays to be sent to the contest.

We at East Side are so proud of Jenicka and Sarina and our kids that wrote essays for this contest. What a great recognition for our kids! Well deserved! KUDOS TO YOU! <3

Scenes from our Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

Math and Movement Family Fun Night

What's coming up!

  • 4/5-7/2016: 3-5 NYS ELA Tests
  • 4/11/2016: Kindergarten Movie Night
  • 4/13/2016: East Side PTO 7:00p.m
  • 4/13-15/2016 3--5 NYS Math Tests
  • 4/20/2016: East Side UPK Spring Concert 6:00p.m.

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