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January 27, 2023

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Important Dates to Remember

  • February 4: HS Snowcoming Dance
  • February 6-10: MS & HS Conferences
    • February 8 - March 14: OVA Count Month
    • February 13-17: No School, Intersession
    • February 25: Father/Daughter Dance, OHS - 7-9 pm
    • March 9: End of Tri. II- Pearson work must be completed
    • March 10: No School
    • March 13: Beginning of Trimester III
    • March 16: Career Speaker Series

    If you are a high school student or parent, please click this link to read Otsego High School's newsletter for important information!

    High School Snowcoming Dance

    The 2023 Snowcoming Dance is Saturday, February 4, 2023, from 7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at Otsego High School.

    Eligibility for the dance for OVA students was pulled on January 25th. If you are unsure if you are eligible to go, please contact your mentor or Mrs. Nast!

    OVA Conferences

    Conferences will be held during the week of February 6 - February 10. Please click on your mentor or teacher's sign-up button below to schedule a time for a virtual conference. Mentors and teachers will provide parents with a progress report for Pearson coursework and share any concerns they may have. Please take advantage of this opportunity to check in with your virtual student(s).
    Mrs. Nast's Conference Sign-Up

    Zoom Password: Bulldogs

    Mrs. Scott's Conference Sign-Up

    Zoom Password: conference

    Mrs. Leneway's Conference Sign-Up

    Zoom Password: conference

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    Let us know if your student is attending. Attendance is strongly encouraged.

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    Career Speaker Series

    On March 16th Otsego will be holding our first Career Speaker Series at both the middle school and high school. Each student will be able to attend 2 sessions to listen to speakers from a variety of career paths. Please fill out the appropriate form below and let us know which areas you would be most interested in. We will do our best to match your selections.

    This is a great opportunity to hear about various career pathways!


    Our district uses Capturing Kids' Hearts processes and curriculum to increase students' social-emotional awareness and skills. This month's focus is respect.

    What is Respect?

    • Respect is the willingness and ability to act professionally and thoughtfully with ourselves and others. Leaders can deal respectfully with opposition and provide space for both dignity and differences to coexist.

    Why focus on Respect?

    • Respect contributes to a positive culture. People feel safe, supported, and engaged in the context of thoughtful social, emotional, civic, and intellectual interactions.
    • Respect decreases conflict. Respect helps us, and others, to be able to express ourselves without fear of being judged, humiliated, or discriminated against.
    • Respect encourages empathy. Respect helps us to understand each other and put ourselves in someone else shoes.

    How will you show respect to your virtual teachers, mentors, and others around you?

    OVA Classroom

    OVA has a classroom now! We are still located inside the Otsego Middle School building, but our new room is located directly off of the cafeteria. There is a single door located just north of the custodian overhead doors on the west side of the building (facing the high school). Please use this door if you are coming to the classroom. If you do not have a scheduled time with a teacher or administrator, please use the OMS office door, as the OVA office is not currently staffed at all times.

    All About Pearson

    Important OPS & OVA Links

    OVA Contact Information

    OVA Coordinator/Mentor: Amanda Nast anast@otsegops.org

    K-8 Virtual Teacher: Kassie LaDuke kladuke@otsegops.org

    High School Mentor: Merry-Beth Scott mscott@otsegops.org

    High School Mentor: Ashley Leneway aleneway@otsegops.org