Battle of Robots

Ice Empire

Ice Empire: Battle of Robots is just what the title says; Robot Wars on ice. Held in Adrian, Michigan, this fast paced battle ends when one robot cannot continue.

Ice Empire: Battle of Robots

Saturday, Jan. 9th 2016 at 6-8pm

110 S Madison St

Adrian, MI

Tickets can be bought online or at the arena. Ticket booth will close 20 minutes before battle or when tickets are sold out. There is a concession stand in the arena. Please do not bring outside food or drinks. No weapons are allowed on the premises. Alcohol will not be sold at concession stand. Please do not bet or gamble on robots. Betting booths are not allowed.


In Robot Wars, there will be 3 (three) 30 minute rounds. Each robot team has to pay a fee of $50 and expenses for their robot will not be covered. The number of robots participating in each round will depend on how many entrants are submitted. The top 2 victors from the first 2 rounds will advance to the final round where they will battle each other to the death.
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Arrington Ice Arena

  • $200.00 an hour
  • Holds 500 people
  • Concessions stand is open


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Our methods of advertising will be flyers/posters with a description of the ice robot wars event to depict the event.

Posters will use artwork and will be 24”x36”. Color printing from Staples for posters of this size cost $12.99 (Reg: $19.99). These posters will be posted on the outside of large city buildings as well as Heritage and Comstock Park., the Adrian Symphony Orchestra house as well as the Croswell Opera House . -10 posters: $129.90

At the same time, smaller flyers (standard printer paper size) printed in full color will be free because we have color printer access. These flyers will use a picture from a Robot Wars event and of course an ice/winter theme (pale blue, gray, white, possibly green used on the flyer/poster). Flyers will be posted locally around the college campus, as well as around city buildings (locations said above). - 50 flyers


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Turtle Tank

The robot below is a model of last year's winner. Your goal this year is to create a robot similar to this one or even better if you dare! That robot had spikes on the side an in the top freeze ray in order to puncture other robots. There were two freeze rays so we could stop its competitors, and the wheels also had treads on it so the robot could navigate easily on the ice arena. The army men on the tank were also carrying small lasers to shoot at others.


World Wildlife Fund

All of the profits from this event will be going towards the World Wildlife Fund, to support and protect endangered animals such as the polar bear. Donation box will be set up at the merchandise table. Visit for more information.

Polar Bears

Loss of habitat due to climate change is the polar bear's biggest threat. Sea ice is melting rapidly from global warming. They must travel long distances in order to survive.


We have hired 4 security guards; 2 will be inside the arena, 1 will watch the doors, and 1 will watch the parking lot.

In case of an emergency, all personnel and fans inside the building will move in an orderly fashion through the front/emergency doors to the far end of the parking lot. Security guards will help in case of injury or violence in the arena. Security personnel will also be directing traffic in the parking lot and watching the ticket booth/parking lot to ensure the safety of patrons.



  • No throwing food or drinks.

  • Do not throw objects at robots inside the cage.

  • If you leave the stadium, you will need your ticket stub to re-enter.

  • Spectators and players will cooperate with referees.

  • Smoking, drugs, and alcohol are not allowed on the premises.

  • All fans must stay out of the arena.

  • No animals, excepting service animals, are allowed in the premises.

  • Please throw away your trash.

  • All spectators must wear appropriate clothing to be admitted.

  • Large signs that will block the view of other fans are not allowed.


  • No pyrotechnics on the robot.
  • Fee of $50 must be paid a month in advance.
  • All robots must be equipped with a cooling system.
  • Accept the judgement of officials.