Week 3

Fantastic Fun in French 1

What have we been up to?

The past two weeks of French class have been great! The kids are settling into the class rhythm, and they are starting to build their confidence with speaking French. They now know the basics of greeting others and introducing themselves in return, and understand the real-world contexts in which these skills would be relevant.

Test #1

This Friday we had our first test, which was a performance task centered around speaking. Although the students were all very nervous going in to it, the majority of the class thought that it didn't turn out as bad as they thought it would. The grades for these will probably take about a week to enter, as I have to listen to every recording individually and it isn't graded automatically like tests given via Blackboard Learn.


As we progress through our course material, things will begin to get difficult, and some students will need tutoring to keep their foundation strong. Tutoring with me can be done by appointment, and I am also offering a drop-in peer tutoring schedule this year. The students who will be tutoring are French National Honor Society students, and have qualified for the distinction through keeping an A average in all of their French courses, as well as progressing beyond French 3. (What I'm trying to say is that they are completely qualified to help tutor!).

Students seeking peer tutoring can drop by after school anytime the students are available. They can check what days those are by looking at the google calendar. It will be updated at the beginning of each month, and will be posted in Blackboard for the students to see. So that you have access to it, I have posted it below:


Upcoming Events:

Quiz and Vocabulary Contract Due!

The students have a quiz on Friday, September 23, the same day their vocabulary contract is due. For this quiz they need to practice family terms and numbers up to 100.

Progress Reports!

Progress Reports will go home on Thursday, September 29. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your student's grades.


The second Test for our class will be Wednesday, October 5. This test will be a much more traditional format, and will be taken via Blackboard Learn.