Snakesss Sins and Mortality

By David Hunt, based on Genisis 3

The Characters

God created Adam and Eve over all the birds, beasts, fish, and creatures that creep on the earth. Above all creatures was a Dragon named Crafty, who was the cleverest animal on earth. When God created Humans to rule over everything but God, Crafty was jealous. He then began to devise a plan to make the Humans stumble so he could be king-of-the-mountain. His chance came to execute his plan when God said to Adam and Eve, “I have given you all the trees in the garden to eat, but you may not eat the tree in the middle of the garden, for the day you eat it you will die.”

Afterwards Crafty comes to Adam and Eve, with the pear from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He asked Adam, “Did God say that you can eat from any tree?” “We are allowed to eat from any tree, except from the tree in the middle of the garden,” replied Adam. “God lies! You won’t die; he tells you this so you cannot become a god yourself,” Crafty responded. “Do we need to be gods?” asked Eve. Crafty faltered, but answered, “Yes, you need to be gods.” “Here,” Crafty said. “Take this pear and eat it.” In unison Adam and Eve asked, “Where is it from?” Crafty thought for a while, and answered, “It is from the tree of knowl…I mean the tree on the edge of the garden.” Eve took a bite of the pear and her eyes were open. “That is the sweetest thing I ever tasted,” was all Adam could get out of her for a few hours.

Adam, who got suspicious, asked Crafty, “Is this a pear?” “Yes” answered Crafty with his smirk gone. Adam then realized that this was pears only grow on the tree of good and evil. Or was it the only place? Maybe Crafty found another tree that grows on the edge of the garden, he thought. “Are you sure this is not from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?” “I am as positive that as long as God lives, it did not come from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It came from the tree at the edge of the garden,” Crafty growled. “Are you lying?” demanded Adam. “JUST EAT THE PEAR!” he roared. In the process he burnt an area filled with bloom trees, so no one knows what a bloom tree is. Crafty continued, “WHO CARES WHERE IT CAME FROM? JUST EAT IT!” ”Okay, I trust you,” said Adam who was now hungry after so much talking. Adam took a bite and his eyes were open. They did not know it at the time, but at that moment humans became imperfect.

One day later, God was walking in the garden, and he saw Adam and Eve eating pears from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God’s anger burned against them because the disobeyed God’s command. God asked in his wrath, “Why did you eat the fruit from the forbidden tree?” “The dragon named Crafty deceived us and tricked us into thinking this was the fruit of another tree” Adam and Eve pleaded. God turned to Crafty and said, “Cursed are you above all beasts. I shall make you slide on your belly and eat dust for the rest of your life.” To Adam and Eve, he said, “Because you disobeyed me, I shall make you mortals, and you will soon cease to exist.” And to this day that is why people die and why snakes exist.

As you can see, on should never be eager for power, for his worth shall be reduced, and that man shall be humbled. Also, temptations always have negative consequences that cannot be avoided. In fact, it is better to have nothing to do with temptation.


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