Computer Free Time

30 min of computer free time in the middle of Core classes

Mission Satement

Heritage middle school is an appealing learning environment when you choose your time, and your education. Students have the choice of their schedule, and when they want to go home. There is more freedom from teachers but guidance is still available. This makes a school where you are in charge, and you are excepted for your differences. And you are recognized for your accomplishments.

Whats Computer Free Time?

Computer Free Time is a school wide 30 minutes where all kids give up there computers for 30 minutes. It is in the middle of core classes so kids can have a brain break. During this time children will go outside (gyms if weather is in-climate) and do what ever activity they enjoy without leaving the campus or enlarging there selves or others.

Whats the benefits of computer free-time?

One of the many benefits of Computer Free Time is kids get unconnected from the internet and bond with their peers. The next advantage of Computer Free Time is it will enhance the kids physical activity with doing this everyday. The last bonus is since they get a break during the day they wont get overworked, they will burn off some energy and focus during the rest of their core classes,

What do Teachers and Administrators think about this?

Most teachers and administrators agree with having Computer Free Time. During the day they notice that kids are more jumpy and very distracted. They will participate in supervising this time. The benefits they believe will come form this is more creativity and childrens problem-solving skills would be enhanced. Teachers and administrators think Computer Free Time is an excellent plan.

When will this happen in the day?

This will happen from 9:30-10:00 in the middle between their four core classes. We are doing it at this time because PE is the 5th class of the day, and if you put 2 exercise/free-time to close together in a schedule kids wont be able to focus.