May 2022 Newsletter

Stony Brook & Eddy Elementary Schools

May MCAS Dates for Eddy Students:

Grade 3 Math: May 9, 10

Grade 4 Math: May 12, 13

Grade 5 Math: May 16, 17

Grade 5 STE: May 23, 24

Important Dates

Sat / Sun April 30 - May 1 - Brewster in Bloom Weekend

NYA Fun Fest & Golf Ball Drop on Saturday at Stony Brook 12-3 PM

Parade on Sunday down Main Street at 1 PM!

Tuesday, May 10 - Brewster PTO Virtual Meeting 7 PM

Wednesday, May 11 - Early Dismissal at 11 AM - Professional Development

Saturday, May 14 - Brewster Town Meeting, SBES (rain date 5/15)

Tuesday, May 17 & Wednesday, May 18 - Kindergarten Screening

Wednesday, May 18 - Boosterthon Kick-off

Thursday, May 19 - Brewster School Committee Virtual Meeting 6:30 PM

Wednesday, May 25 - Grade 4 Field Trip to Pleasant Bay

Friday, May 27 - Boosterthon Fun Run

Monday, May 30 - No School - Memorial Day

Wednesday, June 1 - Grade 2 Step Up Parent Night at Eddy 5:30 PM

Thursday, June 2 - Grade 2 Visit to Eddy 8:45 AM (classes only, no parents)

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From the Principals' Corner

Dear Eddy and Stony Brook Families:

Spring has sprung and we are in the home stretch of our school year! We hope that everyone took time over April vacation to enjoy the nice weather and all the daffodils in bloom. The MCAS ELA section is now complete and we will be moving on with Math MCAS beginning on May 9th. Thank you to all the parents/guardians who made sure students were here on time and ready to go during MCAS!

Take care,

Allyson Joy, Assistant Principal

Keith Gauley, Principal

IN THE CLASSROOMS - Focus on Specials

Spanish / Español

Profesora Columbo

¡Hola familias!

In Spanish this Spring we have all learned the famous song "Los Pollitos" from Colombia about baby chicks in the Springtime. This song is sung all over the world and is a beautiful way to celebrate the Spring.

  • Pre-K has been working on basic conversations, colors and counting 1-5

  • Kindergarten has a rich repertoire of almost 100 high frequency terms in Spanish. We are involving even more movement in our morning meetings, gym and Spanish time through playing games like "salta" and "¿Quién tiene?

  • 1st graders are working on partner conversations and inferring meaning during games like "¿Qué hay en la caja?" What's in the box?

  • 2nd graders are practicing their vowel sounds with tongue twisters such as "Alicia la ardilla quebró una silla" or "Ivana la iguana le dijo, "Hasta mañana."

Ask your budding linguist to read one to you! We are having so much fun exploring Spanish together!


Music K-5 Spring activities 2021-22

Mrs. Faris, Mrs. Belliveau

Spring has sprung in the music room and we are all busy as bees! Here’s what each grade level is up to in music class:

  • Kindergarten is focusing on tempos (fast and slow) and learning how to keep beats with a partner. We are also learning a lot about Vivaldi and his composition “Spring” from the Four Seasons.

  • Grade 1 continues to also work on tempo and dynamics in music. They will be starting “The Carnival of the Animals” by Saint Saens and learning about many different instruments.

  • Grade two is starting to prepare for their first encounter with a musical instrument called a recorder. They will start recorders in grade 3. They are also going to begin the story of “Peter and the Wolf” which is a musical story introducing several orchestral instruments.

K-2 will also be preparing for a Spring concert! More on this later!

  • Grades 3-5 will all be starting several projects including learning about the Orchestra, the history of Hip Hop and they will end the year compositing a piece on the Incredibox app (mostly beatbox style music). They all continue to play their recorders and perform for each other in small ensembles.

Grades 3-5 will also be revisiting two dances from September and will perform them at the “Eddy Spring Chorus and Band” concert in June. This concert will be the fourth and fifth graders who sing in chorus with Mrs. Faris after school on Thursdays and the band who play with Mrs. Belliveau on Wednesdays after school.

May Media Tech News

Mrs. Noonan

The month of May will have Eddy students working on technology fundamentals and fun. Third graders will be practicing typing, coding and navigating through their Google accounts. They will also be introduced to circuitry using different manipulatives such as light circuits. Fourth graders will be reinforcing their understanding of coding by using algorithms and will work in groups for hands-on projects such as Snap Circuits (Phase 2) as well as other curriculum connections using manipulatives in bins we received from a grant. Fifth graders will be very busy coding, creating special projects, and finishing yearbook biography pages. We are hoping to have Nauset High School students visit during recess to give drone demonstrations for all Eddy students.

You can learn more about our lessons in the classroom by going to our Eddy Elementary Media Tech website. The link address is located here:

What’s happening in the Stonybrook Library Media Center….

Ms. Whitney

During Library time the Kindergarten students have heard fiction and nonfiction books about the rainforest and discussed the different animals that inhabit its layers. In Technology they created a scene from the rain forest using a program called KidPix. The students learned how to select a proper background, resize different animal stamps of their choice to fit into the scene, and then type their name before printing out their work. Currently we are reading books with the theme of Spring and Gardening. We have talked about our favorite flowers, vegetables, and types of gardens that our families like to grow. Students were recently introduced to a program called ABCya in Technology and played some math and skill games. Ask your Kindergartener about the ‘Fuzz Bugs’...a class favorite!

Grade 1 students have recently completed their Kindness Quilt in Library class and it is hanging in the Library for all to see. Students listened to the story “The Kindness Quilt” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace and then created their own kindness quilt square with an act of kindness that they have done or do regularly at home or in school. From taking care of pets, to picking up trash outside, to setting the table, or helping a grandparent, our 1st graders have proven to be quite a kind group! In Technology, the first graders have spent the last month working with a program called Scratch Jr on their iPads. Scratch Jr is a visual programming language designed to introduce programming skills to young children. It allows them to learn to think creatively and reason systematically, and pairs nicely with their prior knowledge from

It is so wonderful to see these amazing readers growing and learning to really love books! During Library time Grade 2 has been listening to stories that relate to our Social/Emotional topics and there have been some nice discussions to support these books and stories. In Technology Grade 2 has been working hard to learn the keyboard and practice their typing skills weekly. They use Typing Quest and Typetastic most days when they visit the computer lab and are getting more confident when typing. These students have also been conducting research on an animal of their choice for our 2nd grade Animal Research Project. Most of their research has been completed and the next step is to create the visual presentation and type up the research to present to their class. Ask your 2nd grader about their animal!

Physical Education

Mr. Kirk, Mrs. Peterson

During the month of May, as the weather improves, we will turn our attention to outdoor and team strategy games, building on the skills that we have been working on throughout the year such as dribbling, kicking, throwing, jumping, offensive and defensive strategies, and teamwork.

Weather permitting, we will go outside for P.E. classes for the rest of the year. Please make sure your student has appropriate clothing to be outdoors and, as always, appropriate footwear. Sneakers are ideal. Boots, crocs and flip flops are not appropriate for P.E. Happy Spring!


Mrs. Young

We’re all excited to celebrate the sunshine and warmer days of spring. Upon return from vacation, the K-2 students are working on some color mixing melted popsicles, creating secondary colors from the primaries. Next week, Grade 2 will be starting multi-media Brewster erosion collages.

My art students loved the History of Hip Hop assembly and the 3rd graders are designing their own 1980’s boom boxes for dancing.

In grades 4 and 5, the students are studying form and value by drawing Rubik’s Cubes and coloring them with hues, tints and shades.

Happy Brewster in Bloom!

Staff Spotlight

Coming.... Stony Brook

Caroline Donovan, Principal's Administrative Assistant

I graduated from college and started working as a Financial Counselor at a non-profit organization. I was there for 12 years until after the birth of my second daughter. I took four years at home to be a full time mom with my daughters, Alison and Carly. Once I was ready to return to the workforce I wanted to work within the school system in order to have the same schedule. It was then I started at Eastham Elementary School (2004) as a kindergarten educational assistant. I then moved on to the library and computer lab and eventually ended up in the office in 2011. I have spent the past 11 years as the receptionist / student data administrative assistant which makes a total of 18 years at Eastham Elementary School.

I am married to Rob and have a dog named Fitz. We all just moved from Harwich to Yarmouth Port and are enjoying the condo lifestyle. Alison (27) now lives in Washington, DC and Carly (22) in Boston.

I am excited to start my new adventure as Administrative Assistant to the Principal at Stony Brook Elementary School. I look forward to meeting you along the way:)

We are excited to have Mrs. Donovan with us as Mrs. Barnes moves on to her new position at Nauset Schools Central Office in Orleans. She has been the rock of Stony Brook for many years and we wish her all the best and thank her for all she's done for our school community.


....from Eddy

Cindy Eldredge, Principal's Administrative Assistant

When I applied for a job at Brewster Elementary School little did I know this would become my second home with so many special friends and memories for over 30 years. Dick Bridgwood, the principal at the time, hired me January 29, 1988 to work in a self-contained behavior room for grades 3-5. After several years in that program I moved on to work in Special Education programs that included an extended day program for Kindergartners in need of support, inclusion, and pull out for grades 3,4, and 5. Five years ago I graduated to the front office to become the Principal's Administrative Assistant. Some extracurricular programs I was proud to be part of were:

  • The Flying Fingers Club - a sign language program to allow our deaf student to be part of an inclusive lunch group.
  • The Community Service Club for fifth graders - a fun and active club for many years. We did lots of community events and collected for many charities.

After retirement I hope to travel a bit but mostly spend more time with my family here and in Florida. My husband and I have 2 married sons and 4 grandchildren.

Even though I live in Harwich, Brewster will continue to be in my heart.

Cindy is a great team player at Eddy! This is her final year with us as she moves to retirement!

Thank you Cindy for all your hard work!

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Care Packages for the Troops

The staff and students will be collecting items for our troops during the month of May. Our collections will be taken to Hyannis for the Troops in the Spotlight over Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for your support of our men and women who serve.

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