By: Arely Hernandez

How to Become a Photographer

Going to college is a choice. Many people just take a Photography class, and many of the other people are self thought. First of all you need to buy the necessary equiptment. You have to know how to work your Camera & how to change your lences. You have to practice working your equipment so when you do your first session you dont look un-proffesional. You also have to have a portfilio. You also have to develope on your "people skills", you have to be able to talk to your clients.

Job Description

Photography is art, it's a way to express your feelings, thoughts and other stuff without the use of words, like how artist do. The only equipment for this Profession is a Camera,a few different lenses, & illumination devices. You have to travel to your sessions. You also have to spend a lot of time in a Computer editing pictures.

Photography Salaries

10% of the Annual wage would be $18,120. The Median (50%) Annual wage would be $30,490. 90% of the Annual wage would be $68,930. The hourly wage would be; 10% $8.71. 50% would be $14.66. 90% would be $33.14. It usually depends on which Profession you work on.

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