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Background Information

The capital of Panama is Panama City. 2 other major cities in Panama are David and San Miguelito. Panama was controlled by two countries. The two countries were Spain and Colombia. Panama gained it's independence from Spain on November 28, 1821. Then gained it's independence from Colombia on November 3, 1903. Right now Panama is not controlled by another country. The official language Spanish.
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Panama is located in Central America, between Colombia and Costa Rica. Some physical features in Panama is Cordillera de Talamanca, Volcán Barú, and Sierra de Veraguas.


The government in Panama is a constitutional democracy. Their president is Juan Carlos Varela. The country is on good terms with other countries because it's a charter member of the UN and it has also joined many different organizations such as ECLAC, UNIDO, and etc.

Economics and Trade

The currency is Balboa. Panama's economic system is capitalism. They import fuel products, medicines,vehicles, iron and steel rods, and cell phones. These items are imported to the U.S., China, Costa Rica, and Mexico. They export gold, bananas, shrimp, sugar, iron and steel waste, pineapples, and watermelons.


People should visit Panama because it has many different beautiful Caribbean beaches, it has a lot of historic sights to see, and there are many things to do there. Tourists should visit San Blas Islands, Coiba, Santa Catalina, the Panama Canal, and the Miraflores Locks Museum. People can view the canal from a restaurant that's on the roof of the museum. At Coiba, people can snorkel and scuba dive with different marine animals.

The Flag

The Panamanian nation flag is red, white, and blue. The colors represent the political parties in Panama. Red represents the Liberals and blue represents the Conservatives. White represents peace between the two political parties.

Fun Facts