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Geography of Botswana

Botswana is located at the south of Africa. The total area of the place is 581,730 sq km. The climate varies, of course. Right now, the weather is 85 degrees. The average weather in Botswana is 75 degrees. Perfect weather! Now the landforms. Botswana is a very beautiful country, so it has very pretty landforms. First thing you should know about Botswana's geography is the Kalahari desert. It extends for 900,000 sq km. It's so big, that it covers a little bit of Namibia! Then there is a Okavango Delta. This delta is the world's largest inland delta. This delta attracts many animals. It is one of the greatest safaris. But, there's a problem in Botswana. There's desertification. Desertification is when your place is running out of water. This is happening mainly because of the Kalahari desert. When the desert gets bigge and bigger, the less water there will be. There are many major cities in Botswana. Botswana's capital is Gaborone, which is the largest city of Botswana. And then there is Francis town, the second largest city.


1. 1966- Botswana's first president was Sir Sertse Khama

2. 1966- Independence from Great Britain

3. 2000- Devastating floods; more than 60,000 people are made homeless.

4. 2003- Botswana begins to build a fence between them and Zimbabwe, so they can stem an influx of Zimbabwean immigrants.

5. 2009- Botswana will be a producer of diamonds.


The largest ethnic group of Botswana is the Tswana, who make up two thirds of the population. Legend says that the Tswana are descended from King Mogale, which was a king in the 14th century. Most Tswanas live in towns and cities, but many live in villages so they can be farmers. The Tswana speaks a language called Setswana. Because most people speak Setswana, it is the main language of the country. There are other ethnic groups, like the Bushman and the Kalanga. The main religion of Botswana is Christianity. 70% of the whole population is Christian. Of course, Botswana does have special holidays! Independence day for Botswana is on September 30. And on December 26, there is Boxing Day.
♫ Botswana National Anthem ♫


Botswana is a parliamentary republic, which means that they only operate under the parliament. The current president of Botswana is Ian Khama. Botswana got their independence in September 30, 1966, from the UK. The constitution was also made on the same day as their independence day. It was amended a couple times. The last time it was amended was in 2006. Botswana has several political parties. One is the Botswana Alliance Movement, and another is Botswana Democratic Party, and finally, the Botswana National Front.


Botswana was titled as on of the best growing economies in the world after they got their independence. Most people in Botswana earn their living by working in farms, hunting and gathering food, and lots of other things. Another famous job people do in Africa is mining. Mining has been popular in Botswana since the 1970s. Mining is also a very big and popular industry in Botswana. Agriculture is a very big industry, too. Botswana is a leading exporter in diamond. Very famous for that! They are also an exporter of beef, copper, nickel, textiles, and soda ash. They import textiles, machinery, fuel, petroleum products, electrical goods, and metal products.

Top 5 places to visit

1. Victoria Falls

2. Chobe National Park

3. Tsodilo Hills

4. Moremi game reserve

5.Okavango Delta