balancing new and old

By Makayla Morgan

my favorite parable

Feathers from a thousand li away was my favorite parable because it shows the large contrast between reality and hopes. In the beginning of the parable a woman is riding on a swan to America, where she hopes that her daughter has a better life then her. Once she gets to America she is forced to give up her swan as well as her fantasy of a perfect place where her daughter "Will always be to full to swallow any sorrow" (Tan 3). This parable teaches the important lesson of having hope, but also a sense of reality.

Another mother daughter pair

If I were to read another mother daughter pair I would choose to read about the Jong Family, because Lindo Jong is independent and courageous despite the culture she lives in. Her story teaches the importance of having loyalty to one's beliefs. It's inspiring how, despite the fear of being outcasted by her family and society, she stands up for herself.
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"'How to lose your innocence, but not your hope. How to laugh forever.'" (Tan 120).

This quote expresses the importance of growing up and recognizing reality is not always what we hope for, but realizing that we are ultimately in control of how we deal with the situations we are given. It's important to hold on to hope when reality isn't ideal. Hope can help a person get through hard times, but a sense of reality can prepare a person for life.

theme paragraph

In the Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan presents the idea that culture should be respected, but one should be open to new ideas. This belief is shown by the character An-Mei Hsu. When An-Mei was a young girl, her aunt told her to never look at her mother because she had dishonored the family, but An-Mei broke tradition when she "turned away from [her] aunties words and looked at [her] mother instead" (Tan 123). Her decision to fallow her mother despite her aunt's warnings shows that she respects her culture, but has decided to diverge from tradition and create her own life. Although she is afraid to leave behind her brother and her old life she knows that she must branch out and understand the world for herself.