The Roar

by Emma Clayton

This is my Smore project on The Roar!!!
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Meet the Characters!!!


Mika is a lighthearted boy, who wants to find his sister Ellie after she went missing. Everyone said she was dead, but Mika refused to believe it. He got word from his friend, Helen, that he should go to the new arcade and play the game, Pod Fighter. This was the only way to get to Ellie. Eventually, there was a huge competition and Mika had to face fellow classmates and friends to get to Ellie.


Ellie is lighthearted, just like her brother, and she is unique in many ways. She can fly pod fighters, move objects with her mind, and deactivate implants that have been placed into several thousand 12 to 13-year old children. She even set off an emergency alert and deactivated a whole secret base and a space station! But not without help from Mika and other fellow mutants as well.


Audrey is a very energetic girl who was born with no eyes. She was given borg eyes that let her see, and glow in the dark. Audrey is an excellent gunner, and the combined strength of her borg eyes, and her mutant eyes helps her achieve that status. She can see extremely well and likes Mika. He likes her too.


Kobi is a quiet, smart kid who builds borgs like you wouldn't believe. He made a bird borg, yet it can't fly. He made a dozen tiny borg kittens. He's one of my favorite characters because he makes robots.


Ruben is a really mean mutant who got so mad at one point in the book, he almost killed some people. He loves being the best at everything. He's like a good guy that's mean at the same time.

Mal Gorman

Mal Gorman is the leader of the Northern Government. He is the main villain of the book(s). He likes to kidnap mutants and keep them for his army. He put implants in regular 12-13-year old children to make them fight. I really don't like Mal at some times.

Basic Summary

The Roar is about Mika, who lives in future London behind The Wall. The wall keeps out animals who carry the plague. The plague supposedly made the animals go crazy and start killing people. Or so he's been told. He thinks that the northern government has been lying to him. He wants to find out the truth. He lost Ellie, his twin sister, at one point. He refuses to believe she was dead. A friend named Helen told him that the new arcade game, Pod Fighter, is the key to finding Ellie. So, he goes to play and wins a vacation on a fake beach. Then he is tested and is sent to another pod fighter challenge. Eventually, he is taken to Cape Wrath, where Ellie is being held. He's so excited to meet Ellie, and he can sense her. This book is so exciting, I couldn't put it down. There's laser guns, starships, and even the book's own take on The Force! It's cool, and for those of you that like science fiction, this book is for you.


The book takes place in future London. That sounds cool and all that, with teleporters and stuff. But no. There are the Golden Turrets, which are huge, awesome gold buildings where the rich people live. The poor people, however, live in the shadows, where they are fed tank meat (which I've heard is made of mold, says the book), and all the people live in fold-down apartments. There is water everywhere from the river, and a lot of times, people have to wade through water to get to school. I would hate to live there, but hey. It's a book. You can't expect it to be real.


First, Mika is in London, when he hears about this new video game called Pod Fighter. He gets word that that's the key to find Ellie. So he plays, and he finds out that he's good. Really good. He then wins another competition and goes to a fake beach. He then goes home to his friends and family and everything is normal again. Or is it? Mal Gorman has secretly taken all 12-13 year olds in the north and put implants in their heads and saves them for an army! Mika is then taken to Cape Wrath, where he should find Ellie. Then, he wins a new home in the golden turrrets. But then, a mob from the shadows come up to the golden turrets and smash everything. Literally everything. They break windows, smash doors in, and look for people that are running. Mika and Audrey are forced to hide in a cupboard while police enter their apartment. They then steal the police pod and fly away and, followed by a pod fighter chase, he flies over the wall. Eventually, Mal Gorman says that he can see Ellie again, and they live happily ever after. But wait! The Implanted army of children awakens and start to try and escape from Cape Wrath. And so begins The Whisper.