By Amy

what Is Ballet

ballet is all about classical music and finding the movment in your body the best way to practise this is to perform. ballet is all presentation and performance. You can perform a sad peice or a happy peice


Considered some of the hardest working dancers in the company, soloists perform featured solo roles but still do lots of group work in larger ballets. Many soloists are favoured by choreographers when new works are created, and they are often chosen to understudy principal roles.

Senior Artist

This is the last step before principal. Senior artists are specialised artists who have danced many featured roles and are outstanding in their work. Senior Artists dance leading soloist parts, as well as some principal roles.

Principal Artist

This is the highest rank in the company. Principal artists possess exceptional artistry and talent, raising them above their peers, and they dance most of the leading roles in the performances we present. Only a few dancers will reach the rank of principal, but it is the dream of any company dancer.

Famous Ballets

Swan Lake

The Nut Cracker


Sleeping Beauty


Clothing And Shoes

In ballet classes you need to wear special types of clothing. In classical ballet classes you need to wear a leotard (various each grade) , thin pink ballet tights, a coloured hair ribbon to match your leotard (depends what the ballet teacher is like) , you also need to present your self with a neat and tidy ballet bun (hairspray and hair gel are most suitible). Another thing you will also need to consider are ballet shoes these light pink soft shoes help you to point your feet (some teachers prefer satin shoes compared to learther shoes other acsessories may include a waist band for good posture leg warmers (some teachers alow them some don't) and a wrap around to keep you warm.