A New Deal for a New Start

Sydney Land

Neutrality Acts

1935- The United States will not sell any weaponry to the countries at war. Right now, we need to focus on our nation alone and remain uninvolved in the war across the world

1936- Forbids all banks from loaning money to belligerent peoples

1937- American citizens are forbidden from any travel on the seas in fear of attack from other countries. The oceans are no longer safe. US ships cannot transport people or weaponry to the countries involved in the war

1939- Cash- and- carry only permitted. Europe can nay buy our weaponry if they transport the goods back to Europe on their ships.

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Lend Lease Act of 1941

The United States is allowed to lend arms to the countries in need. These may only include the Allied nations of Great Britain, USSR, Free France, Republic of China, and other allies if necessary. This allows the United States to show our support for our allies, while at the same time remaining out of the war physically.
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Atlantic Charter of 1941

After the war the following rules will be enforced

  • Global cooperation will be required for us to secure peaceful conditions as well as financial stability
  • People are allowed to choose their leaders
  • No territorial changes are allowed to be made