Sophomore Visits

Hillsdale Area Career Center

Why Visit Now?

  • Scheduling for next year begins late winter
  • EMC application opens January 7, 2019 and we want students to be informed about how they could participate in both CTE and EMC
  • We want students to know about articulated credits through Jackson College and other post secondary institutions
  • We want students to be able to have time to process all their opportunities
  • If you don't visit, you don't know!

Scheduling A Visit

  1. Work with HACC to select a date
  2. Send Jamie Mueller a list of your sophomore class
  3. Have all sophomores take the program selection survey (2 weeks prior to visit).
  4. You will receive a list of your students and their Program #1 and Program #2 visits prior to your visit.
  5. Confirm arrival and departure time with HACC and Transportation
  • Students will arrive and enter the HACC through the main doors.
  • Students will gather in common area outside the Welding Lab for Introductions and Welcome
  • Students will begin general tour with Construction Trades (The Instructor, Mr. Eggleston, will be at HACC to give his program overview and then leave to go to the construction site. If you select his program as a focus program, We will bus you to the site after the general tour).
  • After students visit all programs for a quick overview. We will meet in the common area for a quick Q&A and for instructions.
  • Students will attend Program Focus #1 (30 min)
  • Students will attend Program Focus #2 (30 min)
  • Wrap up and Q&A