Life Or Death

Your Choice

The Central Nervous System

The first reason that you shouldn’t take barbiturates is that they can hurt your central nervous system. By taking barbiturates your brain and spine can get hurt. When you take barbiturates you can break the part that sends the message to the brain. When you take this drug you are putting your life in danger. “Brain damage can devastate many of the body’s basis functions, such as speech” (pg. 27). Do you want to speak strongly or do you want to stumble? My guess is no. So why even take this drug?

Lose Your Inhibition

The Next reason why you shouldn’t take barbiturates because, people also lose their inhibitions when they take barbiturates. When you lose your inhibition you may see yourself doing very bad things, like you might kill yourself, and you might do more and more drugs. “After you have taken a lot of barbiturates and are no longer able to tell exactly how messed up you have become you are inviting an overdose” (pg.30). Taking this drug is putting your life at risk, so why even do it at all?

You Can Get Heavily Sedated

Finally taking barbiturates makes you heavily sedated. Then, when you are heavily sedated it means that you say what you want to say and you are very sleepy. “But barbiturate user is lying on his or her back and is too sedated to get up, he or she may choke to death or suffer” (pg.31). When you are too much sedated you can get too much alcohol like you can have 6 or 7 bottles or beers. Also you can vomit. Being sedated is not fun, so don’t do barbiturates.