All About The Kiowa

By Maddie Lombardi

Where did they move to Texas from?

The Kiowa migrated to Texas from Montana to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. they then moved to the Texas Southern Plains.

What did they eat? How did they get it?

The Kiowa mainly ate Buffalo meat, but they also gathered plants like berries and nuts, making them Hunter-Gatherers .

What did they live in?

The Kiowa lived in Tepees. Tepees are made of Buffalo fur sewn together. The buffalo shin is then tied to wooden poles.

What type of weapons and tools did they use?

The Kiowa used bow and arrows to hunt. When the Kiowa fought in wars, they used war clubs and shields made of animal hides.

What are some special traditions they have? What religion are they?

One of the Traditions of the Kiowas are the Sun Dance. The Sun dance was a religious ceremony that was practiced in multiple plains tribes. The Sun dance was based on renewal, the spiritual rebirth of the participants and their family. It also was believed to preserve Earth and all its components. The people that preformed the Sun Dance would fast and have a face-off with the Buffalo. After 4 days or the dancers tear free, they are layed on Sage beds and continued fasting. They also recited their visions, which were belived to be paired with the buffalos, to a priest. These might turn into profices,

Organization of Leadership

The Kiowas are part of a tribe who has had many Chiefs. The Chiefs mostly died from being killed, or in one case, suicide. They are the leaders in war, and two of them signed the Medicine Lodge treaty, which stated they had to move to a reservation.

Where are they located now or what became of them

There are now over 12,000 Kiowa that live on a reservation in Oklahoma. They are governed by the Kiowa Indian Council.

Unique Fact or characteristic

The Kiowa's woman were the keepers of the house, but they were also in charge of building the Tipis and carrying the posts for the Tipis.

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