Elements of Crime

Zac Curtis

Awareness of Duty

  • We must be aware of our responsibilities to follow laws
  • One is not allowed to be ignorant of our obligations and then expect for them not to apply to us
  • If I were to say I didn't know to stop at a red light I would still be charged because it is illegal
  • Our awareness of duty to our laws requires us to be alert to the laws abiding our nation and does not let us ignore laws we do not know

Violation of Duty

  • A violation of duty is when you neglect your responsibility
  • Violating your duty is an unspoken sect of the law and is only brought up when you go to trial
  • If you do not fulfill your duty this will be brought up in court, like if you neglect to treat your patient that is paying you to do so

Criminal intent

  • Applies to civil cases
  • It is a state of mind
  • It helps in determining guilt or innocence in cases
  • If someone accidentally runs someone over it is different then trying to run someone over