The brightest thing in the Universe

by Antoni B,

what is the brightest thing in the Universe?


I think that the brightest thing in the universe is a giant star because of their sizes.


1) My independent is the different things that shine in the universe (e.g stars, supernovas, etc...). I will look at all of these in little detail to answer my question properly.

2) My Dependent variable is how bright the thing is ( I will also write what we measure it in).

3)For now I do not believe I have a controlled variable...

Materials And Sources...

Here is a list of materials I will need for the Science fair:


-Electrical circuit (to prove my point more accurately).

-A computer, to show my presentation.


title: What is the brightest thing?

youtuber: Vsauce



title: the brightest thing in the univers

name of site:


Title: Astronomers find The brightest thing in the universe

name of site: (Note this is not the same source as above since “” is a search engine)


Title: How c an I see a quasar?

Name of site: Curious about Astronomy


Title: apparent Magnitude Name of site: Html:

Book and encyclopedia :

Title: science encyclopedia

author: different Authors

location: ISM hub

pages: 22-23: 166-67

. Please note that There is a file with more accurate info on my sources, if in doubt, ask ME!!

Procedure to success...

To get a final piece of work in front of you, I first needed to gather the most important info from different sources (e.g books). Then I gathered my information and put it in the format of a prezi (also in front of you). When my project was done, I had to do a conclusion discussing about the project I have done.


during this task, I have discovered That the brightest thing in the universe is a quasar. To support this I have Below a 'graph' showing the ranking of the brightest things in the universe.

Please note that Magnitude is measured from the perspective of earth.

brightest Quasar -26.7


The moon: -13

Brightest things humans can create (flares): -9

Venus: -6

brightest star (we can see): -2

(...) many other.

In conclusion...

My results did not support my Hypothesis because they were different, I found out that Quasars are the brightest things in the universe. I believe that I answered my question well and even added extra info about it. My method of making my job easier worked. It was simple being only to stay organised and adding info piece by piece. I believe no improvements could be made using this method. My sources were useful all the way through my presentation because I always re-checked my sources to find more Info or to check if it was correct. I have wasted time on finding information. This could be sorted out by getting to know local hubs and sources early.