Come to Texas

Jakob Carrera

Do you hate where you're your living? Would you rather be living somewhere else?

Well i can tell tell you just where to go, come to Texas!

Requirements to come

Of course there are requirements to come to Texas, but there's only three simple rules.

  1. You must follow rules
  2. Be a Mexican citizen
  3. Be Catholic
These are simple rules,now come on down to Texas!


The land here in Texas in REALLY cheap. The United states has acres for $1.25. But here in Texas, the land in ONLY $12.5 cents per acre. Some come on down and get some really cheap land.

Land Policy

If you come to Texas, and you are a farmer, you can buy 177 acres! Also if you are a person who raises cattle, you can buy 4,428! And if you are lucky, you might be able to receive both!