Hurricane Seth

by Adrian ruiz and Zain hannna


What is a hurricane

Hurricanes are high speed wind storm that can cause lots of damage in the ecosystem .Hurricanes can go up to six hundred miles across and have a strong wind spiraling inward inward and upward at seventy five to two hundred miles per hour.Hurricanes can last for a week moving ten to twenty miles per hour on the ocean.The eye of a hurricane are twenty to forty miles in diameter and the wind speed at the eye of a hurricane are the strongest part. when hurricanes move over to land it start to lose all it strength and power but it can still cause major damage to the ecosystem and changing it biodiversity in some of the ecosystem.

How do hurricanes formed

Hurricanes can be naturally formed at the north or the south of the equator were is warm. It must be eighty degrees Fahrenheit{26 Celsius} or warmer to start the process of it.The wind must be blowing the same direction with the same speed to force the air upward from the ocean surface. The wind have to go out ward above the storm allowing the air to rise.

Hurricane seth

Hurricane Seth started out at the Caribbean sea with one hundred and twenty miles wide then progressing to it mature size at five hundred and forty miles wide, as the eye was thirty miles wide and with it wind speed at twenty miles per hour heading to the Gulf of Mexico hitting Galveston Texas on April 28th, 2013 at eight pm central time. Hurricane Seth killed four hundred and fifty four citizens out of forty eight thousand and seven hundred and thirty three citizens. Seth covered all of Galveston parries desyroing