Parkway Elementary Paw Print

Home of the Panthers Principal ~ Krista Barton-Arnold

Week at a glance

February 15 ~ PRESIDENTS’S DAY~ School Closed

February 16 ~ KG/1st GR Field Trip/Sandler Center

February 17 ~ SCA Wacky Wednesday

February 22 ~ PAC Meeting

National PTA Founders Day

Due Dates

The Student Survey, created by the Student Advisory Committee in posted on our sharepoint site. Please have students grades 3-5 complete the survey by February 16, 2016.

Students in K-2, will be getting different instructions for completing the survey soon.

VBCPS Employee Survey, This survey is being distributed to all VBCPS employees as a way to

gather input on issues that directly affect them as an employee in the division. This activity

continues to serve as part of the Employee Input Process, referenced in School Board Policy 4-8,

by providing an opportunity for VBCPS employees to offer their opinions.

All VBCPS employees will receive an email invitation to complete the anonymous web-based survey by

Feb. 8. Survey window closes on March 4th.

March Madness


March 10th!

at Green Run High School

Lots of volunteers will be needed;


basketball players

Lets represent Parkway well!!!

Selfie Stick Hand-Off

Karen Cotton ~ Thank you to Ms. Bullock for recognizing me last week! I had to do some real thinking as all of you make this big wheel move well.

This staff member is very patient with her students and shows nothing but kindness and respect. She is always willing to share ideas and thoughts. She is faced with challenging students but treats each day as a fresh start. I enjoy her positive attitude as I am sure many of you do who work with her. Colleen Heath loves her students and loves seeing them grow. You are a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with here at Parkway.

Way to go, Colleen!

Word of the Week

Significant– special and meaningful; very important

Throughout history, African Americans have invented some important and fun devices. These inventions have had a significant impact on our world today.

February Birthdays

Yvonne Henderson 23

Renee Doheny 25


PTA Dates to Remember

February 2nd – PTA Fundraiser starts (Classic Cookie) We will collect order forms through March 1st.

February 19thRESCHEDULED Bingo Night and last night of new membership incentive (6:00-8pm)

March 17thChuck E. Cheese Night (3:00PM - 9:00PM)

April 19th Chick-Fil-A Night (5:00PM – 7:00PM)

Family Engagement Dates to Remember

March 8 STEM Night

April 14 SOL Game Night

May 4 – Math Night


Hopefully by now you’ve sent home many GOOD NEWS postcards to your students and families.

This is just a mid-year reminder to continue to find and acknowledge the positive things your students do and send home a postcard. It is such a good feeling to get that recognition in the mail for your entire family to see!!

If you have new students in your classroom and need additional postcards just let me know and I will put them in your mailbox.

If you have received any feedback (comments or stories) from the cards you have already sent, please share! J This is part of our Family Engagement plan for the year.

As always, thanks for your support of our Parkway family


Please check your Title I compacts and be sure

you have one signed for every child OR you have documented

on the compact review log that you attempted to get one signed.

Remember, each compact should be signed by the teacher, parent and student.

Signatures should be legible OR the name should be written in print beside of the signature.

I will be collecting your folders at the end of May.

I appreciate all your help in making sure Parkway’s audit boxes are in compliance

with federal guidelines.

If you have more questions or need more compacts please email Ms. Clevinger.