Rule! Fight! Resist! Meeting

We are, we were and we will be with power! Meeting on monday

We can NOT tolerate that!

They left to cities-to the machines in factories and left us alone in countryside with crappy land. The only thing they left is a right to parliament, the right to vote and to rule! We know and we will fight for this only thing that makes us to live

Not ordinary meeting to resist the possible outcome of Henry's Hunt's speech

Monday, Aug. 16th 1819 at 8:30pm

Winchelsea, United Kingdom

Henry's Hunt's speech, which will be bringed in St. Peter's square is a very dangerous threat to usefulness of us and our land! We need to resist! Maybe even use force! Fight against the revolution!!!

Meeting plan

8:30 AM: meeting starts; introduction to possible outcomes of speech

9:15 AM: discussion of possible actions

9:50 AM: Preparation to speech, that we might need to deliver to make city scrubs come down

10:45 AM: Planning for future actions about those city folks

11:30 AM: Meeting ends, if needed, travelling to Manchester

Parliament-our life, Resistance is our job

Yes, we, landowners have nothing, but a right to parliament and vote; we will resist those dumb ideas by city folks, which do "not have any rights", at any cost. Our useless land is everything we have apart from parliament, and if we loose the right for parliament, we will be the very bottom of this glorious country! We need to resist!