Aerospace Engineering

By: Grant A. Cameron FHS 1B

The Basics

Aerospace Engineering is primarily focused on the development of both aircraft and spacecraft, the major branches of this field are aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering respectfully. Personally, I am interested in the aeronautical field because I enjoy flying and I wish to make it a more enjoyable, faster, and safer experience for everyone.

The Typical Day

Aerospace Engineering is primarily focused on the development of air and spacecraft, along with finding new ways to increase the safety of the passengers on board, so you might see a engineer creating a computer model of a vehicle, testing a design using a computer simulation or wind tunnel, or writing reports or making presentations.


Just starting out in the workforce, An Aerospace Engineer can expect to make is about 62,000 dollars a year, but those with with a Master's were offered 73,000 according to At maximum salary an Aerospace Engineer can make up to $102,000, according to

Education Needed

For entry level positions you will need a Bachelor's degree, at a ABET school, on average earning one of these degrees with take on average 4.5-5 years, some of the top schools are Notre Dame, Florida, Miami, and Syracuse University.