by Kirsty McKay


The Beginning

This thrilling and horrifying book is about a teenage girl named Bobby and she is in a bad situation when she stuck in a bus with a with another teenage boy and cant risk going outside, where the dangerous zombies are hiding and waiting for their prey

The Middle

Bobby had nothing but constant problems one after another one and she has meet people down the way to safety and she ended up in a castle with her friends at 1st it was safe but then 3 adult strangers came around and locked them in the basement the only way for Bobby and his friends to get out was to coaperate with them

The Shocking Finally

Bobby and his friends got rid of the adult after a run for the bus and shockingly they got in a car crash and woke up in an underground government and turns out it was a test the whole time a test of survival from the government they were watching the whole time like if Bobby and her friends were nothing but a little TV show Bobby and her 3 other friends walked away least they think they are........ ;)