Misusing narcotics: nurse accused

By: Kenniece Plemmer

The Case

Former nurse of Williamsport Regional Hospital, 53, face 2 misdemeanor counts for failing to properly document the administration of pain medicine. The investigation started when the manager of safety and security reported that the nurse "was suspected of having diverted narcotics while working in the hospital.
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Records show"eight dates" between January 2 and May 23,2008 indicated pain medication was removed by the nurse without any indication the substance had been administered, returned, or wasted.

When she was questioned about the dates and substance "she offered various explanations,but responded most often that she did not recall". " She denied taking any controlled substance for her personnel use," said Agent Duane Musser.

Later she was charged with one count each of failure to document the proper administration of oxycodone and one count of hydocodone.

She surrendered the same day she was to be arraigned and was released on $5,000 bail